The One Strand River, and Other Fairy Tales

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D. Nutt, 1903 - Fairy tales - 216 pages
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Page 41 - Nothing would it bear But a silver nutmeg And a golden pear; The king of Spain's daughter Came to visit me, And all for the sake Of my little nut tree.
Page 219 - The most delightful book of fairy tales, taking form and contents together, ever presented to children.
Page 219 - Profusely Illustrated, 12mo, cloth, price $1.00. " As a collection of fairy tales to delight children of all ages this work ranks second to none,"— Daily Graphic.
Page 27 - I HAD a little nut tree, nothing would it bear But a silver nutmeg and a golden pear ; The king of Spain's daughter came to visit me, i And all was because of my little nut tree.
Page 226 - Contents : Lobo, the king of Currumpaw, Silverspot, the story of a crow, Raggylug, the story of a cotton-tail rabbit, Bingo, the story of my dog, The Springfield fox, The pacing mustang, Wully, the story of a yaller dog, Redruff, the story of the Don Valley partridge.
Page 43 - Hickety, pickety, my black hen She lays eggs for gentlemen ; Gentlemen come every day, To see what my black hen doth lay.
Page 200 - Once upon a time, and a very good time it was, though it wasn't in my time, nor in your time, nor in any one else's time, there was a girl whose mother had died, and her father had married again.
Page 221 - Nutt's edition is the only one which gives concise but accurate information about the origin, literary history, and significance of...
Page 21 - Grey Goose and Gander Waft your wings together, Carry the Good King's Daughter Over the One Strand River ! " Slowly the log was drawn from the bank and into the centre of the river.
Page 219 - Delightful for reading, and profitable for comparison." Irish Daily Independent. — " Full of bold and beautiful illustrations." North British Daily Mail. — "The stories are admirable, and nothing could be better in their way than the designs." News of the World. — " Mr. Batten has a real genius for depicting fairy folk.

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