The Palice of Honour

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By James Ballantyne & Company, 1827 - Scottish poetry - 71 pages

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Page ix - the Reverend Father in God, Mayster Gawin Douglas, Bishop of Dunkel, and unkil to the Erie of Angus,' whose ' xiii Bukes of Eneados of the famose Poete Virgill translatet out of Latyne verses into Scottish metir,' though not published till 1553, was written forty years earlier.
Page xxii - I mene the hors quhilk drawis at deuice The assiltrie and goldin chair of price Of Tytan, quhilk at morrow semis reid ; The new collour that all the nicht lay deid Is restorit, baith foullis, flouris, and rice Recomfort was, throw Phebus gudlyheid.
Page xxi - Abone the quhilk with heuinly Harmoneis The birdis sat on twystis and on greis. Melodiously makand thair kyndlie gleis, Quhais schill noitis fordinned all the skyis. Of repercust air the Echo cryis 25 Amang the branches of the blomed treis, And on the Laurers siluer droppis lyis.
Page ix - Scottish metir, bi the Reuerend Father in God, Mayster Gawin Douglas Bishop of Dunkel & vnkil to the Erie of Angus. Euery buke hauing hys perticular Prologe.
Page xxi - Russat Mantill, borderit all with Sabill, Lappit about the heuinly Circumstance, The tender bed and Arres honorabill Of Flora, Quene till floures amiabill, 5 In May I rais to do my obseruance, And enterit in a Gardyne of plesance, With Sol depaint as Paradice amiabill And blisfull bewis with blomed varyance.
Page xxii - God Eolus of wind list nocht appeir : Nor auld Saturne with his mortall speir. And bad aspect contrair till euerie plant. Neptunus nold within that Palice hant. The beriall stremis rynning men micht heir By bonkis grene with glancis variant.

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