The Pleasant Historie of the Two Angrie Women of Abington

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Percy Society, 1841 - 135 pages

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Page vii - I should have alle his bookes which he writte ether him selfe or with any other which some was dd. the 28th of febreary 1598[-9].
Page v - Historie of the two angrie women of Abington. With the humorous mirthe of Dick Coomes and Nicholas Prouerbes, two Seruinqmen. As it was lately playde by the right Honorable the Earle of Nottingham, Lord high Admirall, his seruants. By Henry Porter Gent.
Page 74 - Wenche, istf not so ? And if it be, say I, if not, say no. Mall. Mother, good mother, heare me ! O good God, Now we are euen, what, would you make vs odde ? Now, I beseech yee, for the loue of Christ, To giue me leaue once to do what I list. I am as you were when you were a maide ; Gesse by your selfe how long you would haue staide, Might you haue had your will : as good begin At first as last, it saues vs from much sinne; Lying alone, we muse on things and things, And in our mindes one thought another...
Page 26 - Rough wrathfull words Are bastards got by rashnes in the thoughts: Faire demeanors are vertues nuptiall babes, The off-spring of the well instructed soule; O, let them call thee mother, then, my wife! So seeme not barren of good courtesie.
Page 111 - ... but we mist still, meeting contrary, Phillip and Francis with me and my maister, and I and my maister with Phillip and Franke.
Page 61 - ... tis gone, and there are fewe good ones made now. I see by this dearth of good swords...
Page 121 - Gou. I care not if I take it,— Sure none is here to hinder me,— And light me home. Mis. Bar. I had rather she were hangd Then I should set it there to do her good. [Aside.] Mis.
Page 63 - They say, every man hath two spirits attending on him, either good or bad ; now, I say, a man hath no other spirits but either his wealth or his wife : now, which is the better of them ? Why, that is as they are used ; for use neither of them well, and they are both nought. But this is a miracle to me, that gold that is heavy hath the upper, and a woman that is light doth soonest fall, considering that light things aspire, and heavy things soonest go down : but leave these considerations to Sir John...
Page 113 - I haue heard them say The dayes of ignorance are past and done ; But I am sure the nights of ignorance Are not yet past, for this is one of them. But wheres my sister ? M.
Page 88 - Who's there ? what, minion, is it you ? — Beshrew her heart, what a fright she put me to ! But I am glad I found her, though I was afraid.

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