The Poetic and Dramatic Works of Robert Browning, Volume 3

Front Cover
Houghton, Mifflin, 1899

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Page 3 - Spicilegium, the fond tale O' the Frail One of the Flower, by young Dumas, Vulgarized Horace for the use of schools, The Life, Death, Miracles of Saint Somebody, Saint Somebody Else, his Miracles, Death and Life,— With this, one glance at the lettered back of which, And " Stall ! " cried I : a lira made it mine.
Page 32 - O lyric Love, half angel and half bird, And all a wonder and a wild desire...
Page 391 - Tien-chu but plain Tien or else mere Shang-ti, As Jesuits please to fancy politic, While, say Dominicans, it calls down fire, — For Tien means heaven, and Shang-ti, supreme prince, While Tien-chu means the lord of heaven : all cry, " There is no business urgent for despatch " As that thou send a legate, specially " Cardinal Tournon, straight to Pekin, there " To settle and compose the difference ! " So have I seen a potentate all fume For some infringement Of his realm's just right, Some menace...
Page 386 - An isoscele deficient in the base. What lacks, then, of perfection fit for God But just the instance which this tale supplies Of love without a limit ? So is strength, So is intelligence ; let love be so, Unlimited in its self-sacrifice, Then is the tale true and God shows complete.
Page 382 - Why comes temptation but for man to meet And master and make crouch beneath his foot, And so be pedestalled in triumph ? Pray " Lead us into no such temptations, Lord ! " Yea, but, O Thou whose servants are the bold, Lead such temptations by the head and hair, Reluctant dragons, up to who dares fight, That so he may do battle and have praise...
Page 477 - But Art, — wherein man nowise speaks to men, only to mankind, — Art may tell a truth obliquely, do the thing shall breed the thought, nor wrong the thought, missing the mediate word.
Page 191 - Thank you ! I am rehabilitated then, A very reputable priest. But she — The glory of life, the beauty of the world, The splendour of heaven, . . . well, Sirs, does no one move? Do I speak ambiguously ? The glory, I say, And the beauty, I say, and splendour, still say I, Who, priest and trained to live my whole life long Oh beauty and splendour, solely at their source, God, — have thus recognized my food in her...
Page 276 - Washes the parchment white, and thanks the blow. We shall not meet in this world nor the next, But where will God be absent ? -In His face Is light, but in His shadow healing too : Let Guido touch the shadow and be healed...
Page 403 - So may the truth be flashed out by one blow, and Guido see, one instant, and be saved. Else I avert my face, nor follow him into that sad obscure sequestered state where God unmakes but to remake the soul he else made first in vain ; which must not be.
Page 378 - A bolt from heaven should cleave roof and clear place, Transfix and show the world, suspiring flame, The main offender, scar and brand the rest Hurrying, each miscreant to his hole : then flood And purify the scene with outside day — Which yet, in the absolutist drench of dark, Ne'er wants a witness, some stray beauty-beam To the despair of hell.

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