The Poetical of Gerald Griffin, Esq. and Tragedy of Gisippus

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P.J. Kenedy, Excelsior Publishing House, 1885 - English drama - 499 pages

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Page 227 - But gliding at dusk to the wretch's retreat. Forgot in the halls is that high-sounding name, For the Sister of Charity blushes at fame ; Forgot are the claims of her riches and birth, For she barters for heaven the glory of earth.
Page 228 - Her paintings - one print of the thorn-crowned head; Her cushion - the pavement that wearies her knees, Her music - the Psalm, or the sigh of disease; The delicate lady lives mortified there, And the feast is forsaken for fasting and prayer. Yet not to the service of heart and of mind, Are the cares of that Heaven-minded virgin confined; Like Him whom she loves, to the mansions of grief She hastes with the tidings of joy and relief.
Page 219 - Morn rose on the deep, and that shadowy isle, O'er the faint rim of distance, reflected its smile ; Noon burned on the wave, and that shadowy shore Seemed lovelily distant, and faint as before ; Lone evening came down on the wanderer's track, And to Ara again he looked timidly back ; Oh ! far on the verge of the ocean it lay, Yet the isle of the blest...
Page 28 - BY that Lake, whose gloomy shore Sky-lark never warbles o'er, ')' "Where the cliff hangs high and steep, Young Saint Kevin stole to sleep. " Here, at least," he calmly said, " Woman ne'er shall find my bed.
Page 235 - IN the time of my boyhood I had a strange feeling, That I was to die in the noon of my day ; Not quietly into the silent grave stealing, But torn, like a blasted oak, sudden away.
Page 219 - Rash dreamer, return ! O, ye winds of the main, Bear him back to his own peaceful Ara again. Rash fool ! for a vision of fanciful bliss To barter thy calm life of labour and peace. The warning of reason was spoken in vain ; He never revisited Ara again ! Night fell on the deep, amidst tempest and spray, And he died on the waters, away, far away ! The above, as a matter of course, is placed In succession to Dr.
Page 227 - Joy revell'd around her — love shone at her side, And gay was her smile, as the glance of a bride ; And light was her step in the mirth-sounding hall, When she heard of the daughters of Vincent de Paul. She felt in her spirit, the summons of grace, That call'd her to live for the suffering race; And heedless of pleasure, of comfort, of home, Rose quickly like Mary, and answered, "I come.
Page 69 - he said, 'all danger Is gone and past away. ' I had a son — one only, One loved as my life, Thy hand has left me lonely, In that accursed strife. I pledged my word to save thee Until the storm should cease, I keep the pledge I gave thee — Arise, and go in peace ! ' The stranger soon departed From that unhappy vale : The father, broken-hearted, Lay brooding o'er that tale.
Page 33 - O'er hill and o'er hollow, o'er mountain and plain, Up, true men, and follow! let dastards remain!" Farrah! to the battle! they form into line — The shields, how they rattle! the spears, how they shine! Soon, soon shall the foeman his treachery rue — On, burgher and yeoman, to die or to do!
Page 218 - From year unto year, on the ocean's blue rim, The beautiful spectre showed lovely and dim ; The golden clouds curtained the deep where it lay, And it looked like an Eden,— away, far away...

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