The Potter's Wheel

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Dodd, Mead, 1897 - Consolation - 209 pages
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Page 71 - ... bloom of the year in the bag of one bee : All the wonder and wealth of the mine in the heart of one gem : In the core of one pearl all the shade and the shine of the sea: Breath and bloom, shade and shine, — wonder, wealth, and — how far above them — Truth, that's brighter than gem, Trust, that's purer than pearl, — Brightest truth, purest trust in the universe— all were for me In the kiss of one girl.
Page 39 - The deeps of life are opened with their solemnities, their realities, their tragedies. The character loses its light grace, its gay delight in the comedy of existence ; but it gains instead an understanding of the inwardness of things and the responsibilities of the soul. Family bereavement also works a singular and beautiful gentleness that can be detected almost without fail in the expression of the eye — in the tone of the voice. Some of the best wine is harsh and unpalatable till it goes a...
Page 194 - O' the world are that ? What use of swells and falls From Levites' choir, Priests' cries, and trumpet-calls ? XII.
Page 58 - Who but a Christian, through all life, That blessing may prolong ? Who, through the world's sad day of strife, Still chant his morning song ? Fathers may hate us, or forsake, God's foundlings then are we ; Mother on child no pity take.
Page 136 - ... it is not wonderful that one should be misunderstood by other people. The situation is not without its consolations : through all His life, from Nazareth to Calvary, Jesus was never understood, except by Mary of Bethany and St. John. Perhaps it were better for most of us to complain less of being misunderstood and to take more care that we do not misunderstand other people. It ought to give us pause at a time to remember that each one has a stock of cut-and-dry judgments on his neighbours, and...
Page 68 - America. we not more understanding and sympathetic ? Have we had no experiences which we do not hand round for inspection, which we lock up in our hearts ? Perhaps our neighbour has his secrets too, and wears the thicker mask the more he dreads detection. Once he winced when conversation touched a certain kind of family sorrow ; once his laugh was a little forced concerning one of life's comedies ; neither husband nor wife joined in your condemnation of that social sinner. You mean ? — nothing,...
Page 35 - ... offered. If it lay in the will of the parents they would never consent to its removal, so wonderfully do helplessness and suffering appeal to the heart. With a just parent there is only one ground of partiality — weakness ; only one child that has more than its share of love — the invalid. Yet is it not an unconscious and cruel selfishness of love that would wish for that child a prolonged hospital life ? Is it not a merciful release when the prisoner escapes from the bondage of this body,...

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