The present state of Colombia, by an officer late in the Colombian service

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Page i - The present State of Colombia, containing an account of the principal events of its revolutionary war, the expeditions fitted out in England to assist in its emancipation ; its constitution, financial, and commercial laws...
Page 34 - Luego que se disolvieron, sustituyeron y destruyeron entre sí las varias formas de gobierno de España, y que la ley imperiosa de la necesidad dictó...
Page 299 - Rico, must remain as they are. To Europe, the President has distinctly said, " we cannot allow a transfer of Cuba to any European power." We must hold a language equally decisive to the Spanish American States. We cannot allow their principle of universal emancipation to be called into activity, in a situation where its contagion, " from our neighborhood, would be dangerous to our quiet and safety.
Page 46 - ... siege an evacuation took place, and the insurgent troops departed for Aux Cayes.1 At the end of the year the Spanish general made the premature but significant boast that he had not " left alive, in the kingdom of New Granada, a single individual of sufficient influence or talents to conduct the revolution.
Page 50 - ... at an elevation of about 14,000 feet above the level of the sea. These mountains are covered with...
Page 303 - Thule of the ancients. It is about three miles in length, and one and a half in breadth, situated nearly 20 miles distant from any land, to the westward of the clusters of Orkney and of Shetland, to which last it is politically annexed.
Page 34 - Rey, y ofrecer un asilo á sus hermanos de Europa, contra los males que les amenazaban, se desconoció toda su anterior conducta, se variaron los principios...

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