The present state of the nation: particularly with respect to its trade, finances, &c. &c. Addressed to the king and both Houses of Parliament

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printed for J. Almon, 1769 - 98 pages

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Page 14 - bar to an influx of fpecie; and the attempt upon Portugal, had not only deprived us of an import of bullion from thence, but the payment of our troops employed in its defence was a frefh drain opened for the
Page 52 - And the proprietors of the Canada bills found themfelves under a neceffity of compounding their demands upon the French court, and of accepting terms which they had often rejected, and which the earl of
Page 11 - who did not fuffer themfelves to be dazzled by the glare of brilliant appearances, but, knowing them to be fallacious, they wifely refolved- to profit of their fplendour, before our enemies
Page 22 - for the laft three years of the war, and that, although large arrears were due to them at its conclufion, the charge was the lefs during its continuance,
Page 102 - exemplary prince that ever fwayed a fceptre, can never warm or illuminate the body of his people, if foul mirrours are placed fo near
Page 75 - will be for the plantation fervice; and that fum, I hope, the people of Ireland and the colonies might be induced to take off
Page 18 - Bounties had already been given for recruits, which exceeded the year's wages of the plowman and reaper, and as thefe were exhaufted, and
Page 18 - for want of hands, the manufacturers were next to be tempted to quit the anvil and the loom by higher offers. Armies,
Page 69 - tendency. Many think the form of government not worth contending for, and very little attachment is difcoverable in the body of our people to our excellent conftitution. No reverence for the cuftoms
Page 70 - of Whig and Tory, High Church and Low Church, Court and Country fubfifted, the nation was divided, and each fide held an opinion, for which they would have hazarded every

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