The Purin Bodies of Food Stuffs, and the Rôle of Uric Acid in Health and Disease

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P. Blakiston's Son and Company, 1904 - 201 pages

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Page 53 - The action of caffeine on the mammalian heart thus appears to consist in a descending stimulation which begins in the excito-motor area at the junction of the auricle and great veins, and extends into the auricles and finally to the ventricles. The effects can be...
Page 127 - Solvents of Uric Acid." — Uric acid cannot be " washed out " of the system. Substances that dissolve uric acid in the test tube are of little or no use in increasing the output of uric acid in the body. When drugs do increase or diminish the uric acid excretion they act by directly affecting the cellular processes of the body and not by dissolving out the uric acid deposits. In no case is there a possibility of converting the uric acid in the deposits into a more soluble condition by the addition...
Page 80 - ... stuff than the commonly used articles of vegetable origin — such as bread, oatmeal, rice, potatoes, and garden produce — it is true that a vegetable diet is less productive of uric acid than an animal diet. The most trustworthy experiments indicate that fat, starch, and sugar have not the least direct influence on the production of uric acid ; but as the free consumption of these articles naturally operates to restrict the intake of nitrogenous food, their use has indirectly the effect of...
Page 17 - exogenous" to the system which absorbs them. As " endogenous" purins are practically waste products on their way to excretion, so when they become " exogenous " to another organism, they have little nutritive value and demand early and rapid elimination. This is generally effected by the oxidation of the oxy-purins, hypoxanthin and xanthin, to uric acid, and then the purin ring or chain in the uric acid is in the liver partially split off and a portion of the uric acid execreted as urea.
Page 12 - Hypoxanthin yields small crystalline scales with sharpened extremities almost like grains of wheat. Xanthin may be distinguished by its thin, flat, glistening rhombic plates, Guanin by small prismatic crystals or amorphous masses, Adenin by long needle-shaped prisms, and Uric acid by rhombic plates. Rarer forms have been demonstrated by variations in the media and rapidity of crystallisation.
Page 49 - These four articles of diet form together our most valuable means of withholding purin substances from the body, and yet allow the provision of a diet at once digestible, easily absorbed and capable of maintaining nitrogenous equilibrium.
Page 80 - With the same intake of nitrogen in the two diets, there is practically no difference in the uric acid output.
Page 177 - Taylor, E. The influence of various diets upon the elimination of uric acid and the purin bases. " Amer. Journal of Medical Sciences,
Page 112 - It will be seen that the exogenous nucleins simply pass through the body. Their phosphorus may be retained for synthetic or organic purposes, and the small amount of albumin they contain may be used up in the tissues, but their purin contents are not employed in the synthesis of cell nucleins. Through some decomposition of the purin ring, a definite proportion of the purin bodies are liberated, oxidised and excreted as uric acid, and the remainder eliminated as urea or as bodies intermediate.
Page 155 - Ijetween the amounts contained in white and dark meats. Certain vegetable foods have been found to contain purin bodies. Amongst these are peas, beans, oatmeal, asparagus, and onions. This furnishes a reason for the high uric acid excretion which follows their ingestion. From several varieties of beer and porter purin bodies have been isolated, and their percentage amounts estimated.

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