The rarities of Richmond, exact descriptions of the royal hermitage and Merlin's cave, with his life and prophesies [by E. C urll.].

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Page 11 - Caves are here excell'd. See how the Walls, in humble Form, advance, With carelefs Pride, and fimple Elegance: See Art and Nature ftrive with equal Grace, And Fancy charm'd with what flie can't furpafs.
Page 70 - ... named Peter, shall be born with two heels on one foot, and at that time living in a mill of Mr. Cholmondeley's, he shall be instrumental in delivering the nation. " The person who then governs the nation will be in great trouble and skulk about. The invading king shall be killed, laid across a horse's back like a calf, and led in triumph. The miller having been instrumental in it, shall bring forth the person that then governs the kingdom, and be knighted for what he has done: and after that...
Page 13 - SOBS of Fame! Who faintly, after you, attempt the Theme; Nor think, I rival your poetic Fires ; My QUEEN, commands, and Gratitude infpires. And You, Imperial Foundrefs ! deign to fmile, Nor fcorn the leaft, the lateft Mufe's Toil ; Who brings the tardy OfPring of her Lays, The firft in Duty, tho
Page 7 - the Architecture of which is ... very Gothique, being a Heap of Stones thrown into a very artful Disorder, and curiously embellished with Moss, and Shrubs, to represent rude Nature'2 (PL VI).
Page 70 - ... been instrumental in it, shall bring forth the person that then governs the kingdom, and be knighted for what he has done, and after that England shall see happy days. A young new set of men, of virtuous manners, shall come, who shall prosper and make a flourishing church for two hundred years." " As a token of the truth of all this, a wall of Mr. Cholmondeley's shall fall ; if it falls downwards, the church shall be oppressed, and rise no more ; but if upwards, next the rising hill on the side...
Page 4 - Age) and had fome agreeable Chit-Chat with Mr. Duck (who informed us that, in Imitation of Mr. Pope, he too was printing his Ruftic Rimes by Subfcription) we took our Leave; and by our Guide was conduced to Mr.
Page 17 - ... Sublimely on the wings of knowledge, soars; Th' establish'd order of each orb unfolds, And th' omni-present God, in all, beholds: The moral duties, Woollaston displays, On nature's laws the firm foundation lays. In Clarke, the Christian purity appears, Reveal'd religion, he divinely clears From mists of error, vapours of blind zeal, Which oft her heav'n-born beauties, wou'd conceal.
Page 26 - He the true laiih shall seek to advance on high, But in the quest thereof by poyson die, The Dragon's head...
Page 148 - The people who saw this sad sight, shewed the most mournful signs of grief and sorrow, and seemed to blame themselves for being patient spectators of so horrible a deed. . ; , • . Charles was executed in the 49th year of his age, and the 24th of his reign. " He was of a middling stature, robust, and well proportioned. His countenance was pleasing, but melancholy, and this mournful cast was probably brought on by the troubles and afflictions which he bad so long endured.

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