The Reign of Doctor Joseph Gaspard Roderick de Francia in Paraguay: Being an Account of Six Years' Residence in that Republic, from July, 1819--to May, 1825

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T. Hurst, E. Chance, 1827 - Paraguay - 208 pages

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Page 41 - Rollin, .La Place, &c. all of which he had procured since the revolution. He possessed also some mathematical instruments, globes and maps, amongst others, the very best map of Paraguay that is to be found in the country. From the knowledge of the constellations, which he...
Page 50 - He caused a gibbet to be erected, and he threatened a poor shoemaker to hang him up, because he had not made some belts of the size he required. Thus it was that out of blacksmiths, shoemakers, and masons he created a race of whitesmiths, saddlers, and architects.
Page 201 - From this, till four or five, he occupies himself with business, when the escort to attend him on his promenade arrives. The barber then enters and dresses his hair, while his horse is getting ready.
Page 200 - At noon all the officers retire, and Doctor Francia sits down to table. His dinner, which is extremely frugal, he always himself orders.
Page 205 - ... sudden and frequent rains, the Dictator is most subject to such fits ; but that his good humour is restored when the wind changes to the south-west : then he sings, laughs to himself, and chats very readily with all persons who approach him. Neither is he deficient in acts of generosity — one of which was displayed towards his great enemy, Artigas.
Page 109 - ... obliged to do so, he kept his eyes constantly fixed upon the ground. A fortnight had passed without any accident, when an Indian of the tribe of Payagua, who knew nothing of the order, stopped to look at the Government-house; the sentinel discharged his carbine, but missed him, probably intentionally: the report of fire-arms brought out the Dictator, and when the cause was made known to him, he revoked the order, averring that he did not recollect ever having given it.
Page 40 - Foreseeing the return of fanaticism and superstition in Europe, he insisted upon the necessity of crushing the monkish spirit in. America, before the country became infected with the new contagion. He could not, however, believe in the establishment of the Jesuits, which we informed him had been partly achieved; so pernicious did such an attempt appear to him. In speaking of the emancipation of Spanish America, he warmly declared his devotion to...
Page 80 - formed an establishment for the preparation of the herb of Paraguay, with the Indians, who, after Artigas's submission, settled themselves in the ruined missions of Entre Rios. He wanted to establish relations with me, and came twice for the purpose to the left bank of the Parana, opposite Ytapua, with dispatches from the Indian chief, written in his own hand. Now I could not allow the herb to be prepared in those countries, which besides belong to us — it would injure the commerce of Paraguay...
Page 204 - Dictator is attacked by an access of hypochondria, he either shuts himself up for several days, and leaves off public business altogether, or vents his ill humour on those around him.
Page 39 - Dictator was then sixty-two years of age, though he did not appear to be more than fifty. He asked me with a studied haughtiness of manner, several questions, by which he sought to embarrass me; but he soon after changed his tone. Having opened my portfolio to take out some papers which I had to present to him ; he perceived a portrait of Buonaparte, which I, knowing his admiration for the original, had designedly placed there. He took it up, and examined it with great interest, when I told him whose...

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