The reporter's manual, and vocabulary of logograms

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Page 101 - Upon the whole, there was in this man something that could create, subvert, or reform ; an understanding, a spirit, and an eloquence to summon mankind to society, or to break the bonds of slavery asunder, and to rule the wilderness of free minds with unbounded authority ; something that could establish or overwhelm empire, and strike a blow in the world that should resound through the universe.
Page 101 - The sum of the ten commandments is, To love the Lord our God with all our heart, with all our soul, with all our strength, and with all our mind ; and our neighbour as ourselves.
Page 42 - ... inveterate enemy ; and ministers do not — and dare not — interpose with dignity or effect. The desperate state of our army abroad is in part known. No man more highly esteems and honors the...
Page 99 - Press, he affected the patronage of letters — the proscriber of books, he encouraged philosophy — the persecutor of authors, and the murderer of printers, he yet pretended to the protection of learning! — the assassin of Palm, the silencer of De Stael, and the denouncer of Kotzebue, he was the friend of David, the benefactor of De Lille, and sent his academic prize to the philosopher of England.
Page 101 - That we may hereafter live a godly, righteous, and sober life, To the glory of thy holy Name.
Page 102 - The leaf quivers on the branch which supports it. It lies at the mercy of the slightest accident. A breath of wind tears it from its stem, and it lights on the stream of water which passes underneath. In a moment...
Page 99 - All the visions of antiquity became common places in his contemplation; kings were his people — nations were his outposts; and he disposed of courts, and crowns, and camps, and churches, and cabinets, as if they were the titular dignitaries of the chessboard!
Page 99 - Such a medley of contradictions, and, at the same time, such an individual consistency, were never united in the same character. A royalist, a republican, and an emperor; a Mohammedan, a Catholic...
Page 99 - For the soldier, he subsidized every people ; to the people he made even pride pay tribute. The victorious veteran glittered with his gains ; and the capital, gorgeous with the spoils of art, became the miniature metropolis of the universe.
Page 99 - Infidel — he was, through all his vicissitudes, the same stern, impatient, inflexible original — the same mysterious incomprehensible self — the man without a model, and without a shadow. His fall, like his life, baffled all speculation. In short, his whole history was like a dream to the world, and no man can tell how or why he was awakened from the reverie.

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