The romance of life insurance: its past, present and future, with particular reference to the epochal investigation era of 1905-1908

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The World to-day company, 1909 - Business & Economics - 271 pages

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Page 108 - ... the average exhaustion of a man's power to avoid death to be such that at the end of equal infinitely small intervals of time, he lost equal portions of his remaining power to oppose destruction, which he had at the commencement of these intervals," for which secondary cause the intensity of mortality increases in geometrical progression.
Page 24 - which committee shall, after the adjournment of the extraordinary session, proceed to investigate and examine into the business and affairs of life insurance companies doing business in the State of New York, with reference to the investments of said companies, the relation of the officers thereof to such investments, the relation of such companies to subsidiary corporations, the government and control of said companies, the contractual relations of said companies to their policyholders, the cost...
Page 95 - American experience table of mortality with interest at the rate of three and one-half per cent per annum, exceeds its assets such company is insolvent.
Page 23 - There shall be a standing committee, consisting of three members of the Senate and five members of the Assembly, to be called the joint committee on the State Library and Cabinet of Natural History.
Page 48 - The introduction and amazing progress of illicit gaming at Lloyd's Coffee-house is, among others, a powerful and very melancholy proof of the degeneracy of the time.
Page 49 - Bond's life for one year, now doing at 7 per cent; — On Sir JH [mark the modesty] being turned out in one year, now doing at 12 guineas per cent; — On John Wilkes' life for one year, now doing at five per cent. NB — Warranted to remain in prison during that period; — On a declaration of war with France or Spain in one year, 8 guineas per cent. But...
Page 212 - ... field if the present burial rate of paupers were the same as the rate prevailing before the introduction of industrial insurance. ' ' Specters conjured from the potters' field, or from contemplating the impoverishment that follows the more well-to-do laboring classes when they are called upon unexpectedly to provide sickness and funeral funds, is a vision remote from the observation of the well-fed critic who thinks, or prefers to think, industrial insurance a parasite on the poor.
Page 24 - That the said committee be and it hereby is authorized and empowered to require and enforce the attendance of witnesses, and the production of books and papers, to administer oaths, and to employ counsel, stenographers, clerks and such other employees as may be necessary for the purpose of the investigation. And a sum not exceeding $50,000 is hereby appropriated out of any moneys in the treasury not otherwise appropriated, for the purposes of said committee.
Page 189 - It is difficult to draw any satisfactory line with reference to investments in negotiable bonds. It would not be advisable to restrict the investments of life insurance companies in the same manner as those of savings banks. The securities available for investment under such limitations would not be large enough in amount to furnish a sufficient field for the profitable investment of the large accumulations of insurance corporations. It has been feared that such a restriction would prove to be too...
Page 214 - In fine the industrial department furnishes insurance at twice the normal cost to those least able to pay for it...

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