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Página 87 - Mrticipates (p. 87) that the day will come when all our roses, even moss-roses, will have evergreen foliage, brilliant and fragrant flowers, and the habit of blooming from June till November.
Página 3 - This variety was at first much esteemed, and plants of it were sold at very high prices. Most probably this was not a seedling from the old cabbage rose, as that is too double to bear seed in this country, but what is called by florists a Sporting branch or Sucker.
Página 64 - Garden there. He propagated this rose very largely, and sent plants and seeds of it in 1822 to Monsieur Jacques, gardener at the Chateau de Neuilly, near Paris, who distributed them among the rose cultivators of France. M. Breon named it ' Rose de 1'Ile de Bourbon,' and is convinced that it is a hybrid from one of the above roses, and a native of the island.
Página 63 - Breon, director of the Royal gardens in the Isle of Bourbon. The following account of its origin is given by Bre'on, and is also mentioned by Rivers :. " At the Isle of Bourbon, the inhabitants generally inclose their land with hedges made of two rows of roses ; one row of the common China Rose, the other of the Red Four Seasons. M. Perichon, a planter in the island, found in one of these hedges a young plant, differing very much from the others in its shoots and foliage. This he transplanted into...
Página 64 - ... from the others in its shoots and foliage. This induced him to plant it in his garden. It flowered the following year, and, as he anticipated, proved to be of quite a new race, and differing much from the above two roses, which, at the time, were the only sorts known on the island.
Página 20 - ... the Chinese tea-scented, Noisette and Bourbon Roses impregnated with the French Provins, and other garden Roses. The seeds of such fertilized flowers produce hybrid Chinese Roses. These have, in many instances, resulted from accident; but latterly, from the regular impregnating process. The superb varieties of this fine division, give a combination of all that is grand and beautiful in roses. Their flowers are of the most elegant forms and richest colours; their foliage of great luxuriance, and...
Página 44 - Over this a piece of rock was formed for the growth of plants which prefer such situations, and among them were planted some half dozen plants of the Double Ayrshire Rose, raised in this neighborhood about ten years ago. These roses now most completely cover the whole ground, a space of thirty feet by twenty. At present they are in full bloom, showing probably not less than ten thousand roses in this small space.
Página 6 - Rose is strengthened by the fact, that plants produced by the seed of the Moss Rose do not always show moss; perhaps not more than two plants out of three will be mossy, as has been often proved. Those that are not so arc most evidently pure Provence Roses, possessing all their characters.
Página 67 - I hope, in a few years, to see Bourbon roses in every garden, for the " Queen of flowers" boasts no members of her court more beautiful ; their fragrance also is delicate and pleasing, more particularly in the autumn...

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