The sacristan's manual; or, Hand book of church furniture

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Page 85 - Documents of Christian Perfection, composed by the Venerable and famous Father PAUL, of St. Magdalen (Henry Heath), of the Seraphic Order of the Friars Minor at Douay, crowned with martyrdom at London, April llth, 1643. Translated out of the Sixth and last Latin edition into English, and published at Douay in 1674, and Illustrated with a Portrait of Father Paul.
Page 85 - Ceremonial according to the Roman Rite. Translated from the Italian of JOSEPH BALDESCHI, Master of Ceremonies of the Basilica of St. Peter at Rome, with the Pontifical Offices of a Bishop in his own diocese, compiled from the...
Page 85 - Church History of England, from the year 1500 to 1688, chiefly with regard to Catholics. By Charles Dodd, with Notes, and a Continuation to the beginning of the present century. By the Rev. MA Tierney, FRS, FSA Vols. I to V. are published, 12s. each, in cloth. Vol. VI. preparing for press. NB — Subscribers' names may be transmitted to the Publisher through any Bookseller in the country.
Page 85 - DD Translated from the German, with a Memoir of the Author, preceded by an Historical Sketch of the State of Protestantism and Catholicism in Germany for the last hundred years. By JB Robertson, Esq. In 2 vols., 8vo., 14s. TALES Explanatory of the Sacraments. In 2 voll., 12mo, 10s., cloth. By the Authoress of " Geraldine, a Tale of Conscience.
Page 85 - Compitum; or, the Meeting of the Ways at the Catholic Church. Books I. II. III. IV. Second edition, with, additions ; together with an Appendix, containing translations of the Greek, Latin, and other quotations.
Page 85 - The Holy Bible, translated from the Latin Vulgate, diligently compared with the Hebrew, Greek, and other Editions, in divers languages : the Old Testament, first published by the English College at Douay, AD 1609 ; and the New Testament, first published by the English College at Rheims, AD 1582.
Page 85 - to which are added various other Functions and copious Explanatory Notes* the whole harmonized with the latest Decrees of the Sacred Congregation of Rites. By the Rev. JD UII.ARM.-S DALE.
Page xii - ... under the pall before the beginning of the celebration. It is made of linen, neither coarse nor fine, and should be simply hemmed, and not less than six inches square, with a very small cross worked in the centre. Although it is not required to be blessed, yet, when once employed at the Holy Sacrifice, it should not be used for other purposes, nor be handled by laics (not having the requisite permission), until after having been washed by a Clerk in Holy Orders.
Page 76 - As regards air, similar rules to those giren for watering may be followed ; and indeed they are analogous. In winter, when the plants are not growing, large supplies of air are not so important, enough being usually given by the room-door. As spring advances increase the quantity, carefully guarding against the cold of mornings and evenings, or cutting winds ; and if the plants are placed out in the middle of fine days, take care to bring them in before the chill of evening comes on. After the first...
Page 75 - STAINS AND MARKS FROM BOOKS.— A solution of oxalic acid, citric acid, or tartaric acid, is attended with the least risk, and may be applied upon the paper and prints without fear of damage. These acids, taking out writing ink, and not touching the printing, can be used for restoring books where the margins have been written upon, without attacking the text.

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