The seasons, Britannia, and The castle of indolence

Milner and Sowerby, 1862

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Página 179 - THESE, as they change, Almighty Father, these Are but the varied God. The rolling year Is full of Thee. Forth in the pleasing Spring Thy beauty walks, Thy tenderness and love. Wide flush the fields ; the softening air is balm ; Echo the mountains round ; the forest smiles ; And every sense, and every heart is joy.
Página 182 - tis nought to me : Since God is ever present, ever felt, In the void waste as in the city full ; And where He vital breathes, there must be joy.
Página 182 - Or if you rather choose the rural shade, And find a fane in every sacred grove ; There let the shepherd's flute, the virgin's lay, The prompting seraph, and the poet's lyre, Still sing the God of Seasons as they roll.
Página 154 - As thus the snows arise, and foul and fierce All Winter drives along the darken'd air, In his own loose-revolving fields the swain Disaster'd stands ; sees other hills ascend, Of unknown, joyless brow ; and other scenes, Of horrid prospect, shag the trackless plain ; Nor finds the river, nor the forest, hid Beneath the formless wild ; but wanders on From hill to dale, still more and more astray, Impatient flouncing through the drifted heaps, Stung with the thoughts of home : the thoughts of home...
Página 180 - Works in the secret deep; shoots, steaming, thence The fair profusion that o'erspreads the Spring; Flings from the sun direct the flaming day; Feeds every creature; hurls the tempest forth; And as on earth this grateful change revolves, With transport touches all the springs of life.
Página 45 - But yonder comes the powerful King of Day, Rejoicing in the east. The lessening cloud, The kindling azure, and the mountain's brow Illumed with fluid gold, his near approach Betoken glad.
Página 156 - Distress. How many stand Around the Death-bed of their dearest Friends, And point the parting Anguish. Thought fond Man Of These, and all the thousand nameless Ills, That one incessant Struggle render Life, One Scene of Toil, of Suffering, and of Fate...
Página 178 - Ye noble few ! who here unbending stand Beneath life's pressure, yet bear up awhile, And what your bounded view, which only saw A little part, deem'd Evil, is no more ; The storms of Wintry Time will quickly pass, And one unbounded Spring encircle all.
Página 90 - Now to the sister hills that skirt her plain, To lofty Harrow now, and now to where Majestic Windsor lifts his princely brow. In lovely contrast to this glorious view, Calmly magnificent, then will we turn To where the silver Thames first rural grows. There let the feasted eye unwearied stray; Luxurious, there, rove through the pendent woods That nodding hang o'er Harrington's retreat...
Página 155 - Smooth'd up with snow; and what is land — unknown, What water — of the still unfrozen spring, In the loose marsh...

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