The Sorceress of Rome

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L.C. Page, 1907 - Holy Roman Empire - 463 pages
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Page 466 - The Lady of the Blue Motor is an audacious heroine •who drove her mysterious car at breakneck speed. Her plea for assistance in an adventure promising more than a spice of danger could not of course be disregarded by any gallant fellow motorist. Mr. Paternoster's hero rose promptly to the occasion. Across France they tore and across the English Channel. There, the escapade past, he lost her. Mr. Paternoster, however, is generous, and allows the reader to follow their separate adventures until the...
Page 466 - ELIZABETH. (48th thousand.) Illustrated by Frank T. Merrill. The story of a young gentleman who joins Shakespeare's company of players, and becomes a friend and proteg6 of the great poet. CLEMENTINA'S HIGHWAYMAN Cloth decorative, illustrated $1.50 Mr. Stephens has put into his new book, " Clementina's Highwayman," the finest qualities of plot, construction, and literary finish.
Page 467 - The Sorceress of Rome," the second book of his trilogy of romances on the mediaeval life of Italy. In detail and finish the book is a brilliant piece of work, describing clearly an exciting and strenuous period. It possesses the same qualities as " Castel del Monte," of which the Chicago Record Herald said : " There is color, there is sumptuous word-painting in these pages ; the action is terrific at times ; vividness and life are in every part; brilliant descriptions entertain the reader ; mystic...
Page 467 - . . . $1.50 The love-story of Otto III., the boy emperor, and Stephania, wife of the Senator Crescentius of Rome. CASTEL DEL MONTE Cloth decorative, with six drawings by HC Edwards.
Page 465 - The stories in Mr. Roberta's new collection are the strongest and best he has ever written. He has largely taken for his subjects those animals rarely met with in books, whose lives are spent " In the Silences," where they are the supreme rulers.
Page 434 - The mystery was clear; Mad rage had swallowed fear. As I came through the desert thus it was, As I came through the desert: By the sea She knelt and bent above that senseless me...
Page 465 - Captures Two Outlaws). " As a writer about animals, Mr. Roberts occupies an enviable place. He is the most literary, as well as the most imaginative and vivid of all the nature writers.
Page 466 - ... the finest qualities of plot, construction, and literary finish. The story is laid in the mid-Georgian period. It is a dashing, sparkling, vivacious comedy, with a heroine as lovely and changeable as an April day, and a hero all ardor and daring. The exquisite quality of Mr. Stephens's literary style clothes the story in a rich but delicate word-fabric; and never before have his setting and atmosphere been so perfect The Sorceress Of Rome. By NATHAN GALLIZIER, author of " Castel del Monte,
Page 467 - Its hero, who has only acquired his own strength and resourcefulness by a lifelong struggle against constitutional frailty, has come to make the question of bodily soundness his dominant thought He resolves to ensure strong constitutions to his children by marrying a physically perfect woman. After long search, he finds this ideal in Hester, the daughter of a " cracker squatter," of the Ozark Mountains of Missouri. But, — he forgot to take into consideration that very vital emotion, love, which...
Page 468 - The period of Mr. Smith's story is the beginning of the eighteenth century, when the shores of the American colonies were harassed and the seas patrolled by pirates and buccaneers. These robbed and spoiled, and often seized and put to death, the sailors and fishers and other humbler folk, while their leaders claimed friendship alike with Southern planters and New England merchants, — with whom it is said they frequently divided their spoils. The times were stern and the colonists were hardy, but...

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