The standard of perfection for the properties of flowers and plants

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Houlston and Stoneman, 1847 - 80 oldal

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37. oldal - ... be pure. 5. The two upper petals should be perfectly uniform, whether dark or light, or fringed, or blotched. The two petals immediately under them should be alike ; and the lower petal, as before observed, must have the same ground colour and character as the two above it ; and the pencilling or marking of the eye in the three lower petals must not break through to the edges.
42. oldal - If the flower have any marking besides the feathering at the edge, it should be a beam, or bold mark down the centre, but not to reach the bottom, or near the bottom of the cup ; the mark or beam must be similar in all the six petals.
29. oldal - Each row of petals should be smaller than the row immediately under it ; there should not be less than five or six rows of petals laid regularly, and the flower should rise and form a good bold centre or crown ; and in quantity should form half a ball.

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