The Star Quizzer on Pharmacy, Chemistry and Nateria [!] Medica ...: Carefully Rev. and Greatly Enl. in Conformity with the U.S. Pharmacopea [!] IX.

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Stevens & Mallory, 1905 - Pharmacy - 144 pages

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Page 103 - The calorie is the amount of heat necessary to raise the temperature of one gram of water one degree centigrade.
Page 15 - It is officially described as a slightly acid, aqueous solution of Hydrogen Dioxide, containing when freshly prepared about 3 per cent, of the pure dioxide, corresponding to about 10 volumes of available oxygen.
Page 129 - When benzoinated lard is to be kept or used during warm weather. 5 per cent (or more, if necessary) of the lard should be replaced by white wax*'— (USP).
Page 96 - ... per cent of chlorine. As a result of the careful analysis of a very large number of chemical compounds, the law of definite proportions was propounded. The law may be stated in this form : — Any given chemical compound always contains the same elements in the same proportions by weight.
Page 42 - A colorless liquid composed of 68 per cent, by weight of absolute Nitric Acid and 32 per cent, water.
Page 96 - ... of elements; it is exerted only between definite weights and volumes of matter. An Element is a substance which cannot by any known means be resolved into any simpler form of matter. An Atom of any element is a particle so small that it undergoes no further subdivision in chemical transformations. A Molecule is the smallest particle of matter that can exist in a free state. A mere Mixture of substances is one in which each ingredient retains its properties. A Chemical Compound is one in which...
Page 59 - A mixture of neutral principles extracted from Goa powder, a substance found deposited in the wood of Vouacapoua Araroba.
Page 131 - ... shock falls in the form of a little conical mass. Successive shocks are employed, and the resulting conical masses deposited in this manner on the slab soon dry, the moisture being absorbed by the slab. What is...
Page 26 - ... Vaccine). — The material obtained from skin eruptions of calves having vaccinia. The material is removed and prepared under aseptic conditions. The "pulp" is ground and mixed with varying percentages of glycerin. It is usually marketed in capillary tubes or as glycerinated points. Only such vaccine may be sold as has been prepared in establishments licensed by the Secretary of the Treasury of the United States. ACTION AND USES : Vaccine virus is used as prophylactic against smallpox. Zinci...
Page 6 - How would you convert the weights and measures in ordinary use into metric weights and measures ? Multiply the quantities by the corresponding metric equivalent.

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