The Teaching of Hygiene in the Grades

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Houghton Mifflin, 1917 - Health education - 176 pages

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Page 16 - All Regents' examinations in physiology and hygiene shall include a due proportion of questions on the nature of alcoholic drinks and other narcotics, and their effects on the human system. 691 Enforcement of last section. 1 In all normal schools, teachers...
Page 153 - In every school which may be considered passably sanitary the following conditions shall obtain: 1. Heating by at least a properly jacketed stove. (No unjacketed stove to be allowed.) Avoid overheating.
Page 37 - My body is the temple of my soul. "Therefore: "I will keep my body clean within" and without. "I will breathe pure air and I will live in the sunlight. "I will do no act that might endanger the health of others. "I will try to learn and practice the rules of healthy living.
Page 154 - Ventilation by direct outdoor air inlets and by adequate and direct foul air outlets. 2 Lighting from left side of room (or from left and rear) through window space at least one-fifth of floor space in area. 3 Cleanliness of school as good as in the home of a careful housekeeper. 4 Furniture sanitary in kind, and easily and frequently cleaned. Seats and desks adjustable and hygienic in type. 5 Drinking water from a pure source provided by a sanitary drinking fountain. 6 Facilities for washing hands,...
Page 59 - OF THE SCHOOL CHILD. Name School Grade Age Date Yes. No. 1. Have you ever been In a grade more than one year? 2. Have you ever had any serious sickness? 3. Do you feel strong and well now? 4. Do you eat breakfast1 every day? 5. Do you eat a noon meal every day? 6. Do you drink coffee? 7. Do you always have your bedroom window open at night?
Page 41 - In no answer is there any suggestion that the child is interested in health in the abstract or as a future beneficial state. His sole health concern exists in application and relation to the immediate present. Interest in growing well and strong is nowhere indicated save as this state gives increased power and capacity for present enjoyment.
Page 135 - ... as birds, moles, shrews, toads, etc. Every year the cats of New England undoubtedly destroy millions of birds and other useful creatures, therefore indirectly aiding the increase of insects which destroy crops and trees. Such insects possibly cost the people of Massachusetts from seven and one-half million to nine million dollars annually. The cat protects them, thus increasing the cost of living to every citizen. The good that cats accomplish in the destruction of field mice, woods mice, and...
Page 37 - MY BODY IS THE TEMPLE OF MY SOUL Therefore : — I will keep my body clean within and without ; I will breathe pure air and I will live in the sunlight; I will do no act that might endanger the health of others; I will try to learn and practice the rules of healthy living; I will work...
Page 9 - ... school children ; over a third did not offer the ordinary laboratory diagnosis for the commoner communicable diseases; over a fourth made no effort to educate in health matters; nearly three-fourths had no housing law; nineteen-twentieths had no concern with the hygiene of industry; over six-sevenths had no program against the venereal diseases; over a half had no proper organization to combat infant mortality; and less than a quarter had a coherent program against tuberculosis.

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