The true life story of Swiftwater Bill Gates

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Page 71 - Just then there was a knock at my door. I opened it and there she was. "My trunk is outside,
Page 111 - I recalled at the time that when Swiftwater mined thousands of gold from his claims in the Klondike he allowed his own mother to cook in a cabin of a miner on a claim not far from his own, and although rich beyond his fondest dreams had permitted that poor woman to earn her ovm living by the hardest kind of drudgery and toil.
Page 134 - Perhaps some people will say that when Swiftwater Bill, down deep in his prospect hole on Eldorado, looked upon the glittering drift of gold that covered the bedrock, the glamor of that shining mass gave him a sort of moral blindness, from which he has never recovered.
Page 86 - Then it was that Swiftwater evinced that capacity for resource and tact which, as all his friends know, is one of his most distinguished characteristics.
Page 80 - Isn't it curious how a woman will forget all the injustice she suffers at the hands of a man, when it seems to her that he is trying to do and is doing the right thing?
Page 39 - ... that came after, I am tempted to wonder what curious form of an unseen fate shapes our destinies and turns and twists our fortunes in all manner of devious and uncertain ways.
Page 28 - But, as a matter of fact, we all figured that the laugh was on Swiftwater, and I think every woman who reads this story will agree with me.
Page 32 - Baldwin every evening, smoothly shaved, his moustaches nicely brushed and curled, and wearing his favorite black Prince Albert and silk hat.
Page 117 - I think it must have been at 8 o'clock that evening — there came a knock at the door. I went to answer it, and there in the hall of the hotel stood a man who was an absolute stranger to me. "Mrs. Beebe?

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