The Vnlouelinesse, of Loue-lockes. Or, A Summarie Discourse, Proouing: the Wearing, and Nourishing of a Locke, Or Loue-locke, to be Altogether Vnseemely, and Vnlawfull Vnto Christians: In which There are Likewise Some Passages Collected Out of Fathers, Councells, and Sundry Authors, and Historians, Against Face-painting; the Wearing of Supposititious, Poudred, Frizled, Or Extraordinary Long Haire; the Inordinate Affectation of Corporall Beautie: and Womens Mannish, Vnnaturall, Imprudent, and Vnchristian Cutting of Their Haire; the Epidemicall Vanities, and Vices of Our Age. By William Prynne, Gent. Hospitij Lincolniensis

Front Cover
Printed, 1628 - Beauty, Personal - 63 pages

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