The valley of a hundred fires. By the author of 'Margaret and her bridesmaids'.

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עמוד 212 - For even though vanquished he could argue still; While words of learned length and thundering sound. Amazed the gazing rustics ranged around, And still they gazed, and still the wonder grew That one small head could carry all he knew.
עמוד 35 - The treasures of the deep are not so precious As are the concealed comforts of a man Locked up in woman's love. I scent the air Of blessings, when I come but near the house. What a delicious breath marriage sends forth. . . The violet bed's not sweeter.
עמוד 115 - Every man in this age has not a soul of crystal, for all men to read their actions through : men's hearts and faces are so far asunder, that they hold no intelligence.
עמוד 26 - May temperance crown their feast, and friendship share ! May pity come, Love's sister spirit, there ! May they shun baseness, as they shun the grave ! May they be frugal, pious, humble, brave ! Sweet peace be theirs, the moonlight of the breast, And occupation, and alternate rest ; And, dear to care and thought, the rural walk ! Theirs...
עמוד 160 - Oh, be kind to each other, The night's coming on, When friend and when brother Perchance may be gone!
עמוד 26 - Theirs be no flower that withers on the stalk, But roses cropp'd, that shall not bloom in vain, And Hope's bless'd sun, that sets to rise again ! Be chaste their nuptial bed, their home be sweet, Their floor resound the tread of little feet ; Bless'd beyond fear and fate, if bless'd by thee, And h-iirs, O Love, of thine eternity...
עמוד 195 - An honest man is still an unmov'd rock, Wash'd whiter, but not shaken with the shock. Whose heart conceives no sinister device : Fearless he plays, with flames, and treads on ice.
עמוד 177 - And they believe him !— oh ! the lover may Distrust that look which steals his soul away ; — The babe may cease to think that it can play With heaven's rainbow ;— alchymists may doubt The shining gold their crucible gives out ; — But Faith, fanatic Faith, once wedded fast To some dear falsehood, hugs it to the last.

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