The vision; or, Hell, Purgatory, and Paradise, tr. by H.F. Cary

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Page 129 - Christ said not to his first conventicle, ' Go forth and preach impostures to the world,' But gave them truth to build on ; and the sound Was mighty on their lips : nor needed they Beside the Gospel, other spear or shield, To aid them in their warfare for the faith.
Page 129 - Another, how the light shrouded itself Within its tabernacle, and left dark The Spaniard, and the Indian, with the Jew. Such fables Florence in her pulpit hears, Bandied about more frequent, than the names Of Bindi and of Lapi in her streets.
Page 136 - Unto the steadfast dwelling of their joy, Faces had they of flame, and wings of gold: The rest was whiter than the driven snow...
Page 138 - To leave the traces of thy footsteps mark'd; for all mine eyes have seen, I to thy power And goodness, virtue owe and grace. Of slave Thou hast to freedom brought me: and no means, For my deliverance apt, hast left untried. Thy liberal bounty still toward me keep: That, when my spirit, which thou madest whole, Is loosen'd from this body, it may find Favour with thee.
Page 148 - Finds not: e'en such was I, intent to scan The novel wonder, and trace out the form, How to the circle fitted, and therein How placed: but the flight was not for my wing; Had not a flash darted athwart my mind, And, in the spleen, unfolded what it sought.
Page 146 - As one, who from a dream awaken'd, straight, All he hath seen forgets; yet still retains Impression of the feeling in his dream; E'en such am I: for all the vision dies, As 'twere, away; and yet the sense of sweet, That sprang from it, still trickles in my heart.
Page 43 - Upon that side, Where it doth break its steepness most, arose A sun upon the world, as duly this From Ganges doth : therefore let none, who speak Of that place, say Ascesi ; for its name Were lamely so delivered ; but the East, To call things rightly, be it henceforth styled.
Page 105 - To Christian, and no miracle been wrought, Would in itself be such a miracle, The rest were not an hundredth part so great. E'en thou went'st forth in poverty and hunger To set the goodly plant, that, from the vine It once was, now is grown unsightly bramble.

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