The Whole Works of Roger Ascham: Life and letters

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Page 245 - August [Augsbourg] ; but the French Queen, the Emperor's sister, was there: she came to mass clad very solemnly all in white cambric, a robe gathered in plaits wrought very fair as need be with needle white work, as white as a dove. A train of ladies followed her, as black and evil as she was white. Her mass was sung in pricksong by Frenchmen very cunningly, and a gentleman played at the organs excellently. A French Whipit Sir John bestirred himself so at the altar as I wished Patrick by to have...
Page 268 - Nor, in fine, do I wonder at the German emperor of whom he speaks in another letter to the same John Raven, and says : " The emperor drank the best that I ever saw ; he had his head in the glass five times as long as any of us, and never drank less than a good quart at once of Rhenish wine.
Page 256 - ... marvel where men be found to labour it, but also almost where men dwell that drink it. Seven or eight days journey ye cannot cast your sight over the compass of vines. And surely this wine of Rhene is so good, so natural, so temperate, so ever like itself, as can be wished for man's use. I was afraid when I came out of England to miss beer ; but I am more afraid when I shall come into England, that I cannot lack this wine. It is wonder to see how many castles stand on the tops of these rocks...
Page 268 - the best that ever I saw;' he had his head in the glass five times as long as any of them, and never drank less than a good quart at once of Rhenish wine.* " Eating was now the only physical gratification which he could still enjoy, or was unable to resist.
Page 247 - A frier was sent to me, and led me into it. There was not one good book but Lyra. The friar was learned, spoke latin readily, entered into Greek, having a very good wit, and a greater desire to learning. He was gentle and honest &c.
Page 256 - Ebene, and if your horse founder it is not seven to six that ye shall miss falling into Rhene, there be many times stairs down into Rhene that men may come from their boat and walk on this bank, as we did every day four or five miles at once, plucking grapes not with our hands but with our mouths if we list.
Page 351 - ... command him to serve, the one his prince, the other his wife, he would surely become a student in St. John's, saying, " The Court, Mr. Ascham, is a place so slippery, that duty never so well done, is not a staff stiff enough to stand by always very surely, where ye shall many times reap most unkindness where ye have sown greatest pleasures, and those also ready to do you most hurt to whom you never intended to think any harm." Which sentences I heard very gladly then, and felt them soon after...
Page 257 - Ebene is also a great lord on this river, and hath his name of a castle standing in the midst of Rhene on a rock. There be also goodly isles in Rhene, so full of walnut trees that they cannot be spent with eating, but they make vile of them. In some of these isles stand fair abbeys and nunneries wonderfully pleasant. The stones that hang so high over Rhene be very much of that stone that you use to write on in tables ; every poor man's house there is covered with them.
Page 258 - Oct. 20. to Spira: a good city. Here I first saw Sturmius de periodis. I also found here Ajax, Electra, and Antigone of Sophocles, excellently, by my good judgment, translated into verse, and fair printed this summer by Gryphius. Your stationers do ill, that at least do "not provide you the register of all books, especially of old authors, &c.
Page 246 - There was not one well-favoured among them, save one young lady, fair and well-favoured. The Queen went from mass to dinner ; I followed her ; and because we were gentlemen of England, I and another was admitted to come into her chamber where she sat at dinner. She is served with no women, as great states...

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