The Wonders of Nature and Art: Or, A Concise Account of Whatever is Most Curious and Remarkable in the World; Whether Relating to Its Animal, Vegetable and Mineral Productions, Or to the Manufactures, Buildings and Inventions of Its Inhabitants, Compiled from Historical and Geographical Works of Established Celebrity, and Illustrated with the Discoveries of Modern Travellers, Volume 8

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Page 26 - The inside of her lip she had made black with antimony. Her ears reached down to her shoulders, and had the appearance of wings ; she had in each of them a large ring of gold, somewhat smaller than a man's little finger, and about five inches in diameter. The weight of these had drawn down the hole where her ear was pierced so much that three fingers might easily pass above the ring.
Page 26 - Her features were perfectly like those of a negro ; a ring of gold passed through her under lip, and weighed it down, till, like a flap, it covered her chin, and left her teeth bare, which were very small and fine.
Page 214 - I had said miraculous tree;) at least it was so with respect to us, who had been labouring four days through extreme heat, without receiving the least moisture, and were now almost expiring for the want of it. We could not help looking on this as liquor sent from heaven, to comfort us under great extremity.
Page 184 - ... were innumerable mountains, or rather cliffs, which brought down their verdure and fertility quite to the beach ; fo that every fhade of green, the fweeteft of colours, was difplayed at one view by land and by water.
Page 145 - When persons of either sex become sit-' perannuated, or, iri short, unable to perform the least office for themselves^ they are then>' by the' consent of the kraal, placed in a solitary hut, at A Considerable distance, with- a small stock of provisions within their reach ; where they are left to: die of hunger, or to be devoured by the wild beasts.
Page 138 - May you live long and happily together. May you have a son before the end of the year. May this son live to be a comfort to you in your old age. May this son prove to be a man of courage and a good huntsman.

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