The works of Hannah More, with a memoir and notes, Volume 5

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Page 211 - Thammuz came next behind, Whose annual wound in Lebanon allured The Syrian damsels to lament his fate In amorous ditties, all a summer's day; While smooth Adonis from his native rock Ran purple to the sea, supposed with blood Of Thammuz yearly wounded...
Page 223 - FLORIO knew the WORLD ; that science Sets sense and learning at defiance ; He thought the World to him was known, Whereas he only knew the Town ; In men this blunder still you find, All think their little set — Mankind.
Page 281 - Does then the immortal principle within Change with the casual colour of a skin ? Does matter govern spirit ? or is mind Degraded by the form to which 'tis join'd ? No ; they have heads to think, and hearts to feel, And souls to act, with firm though erring zeal ; For they have keen affections, kind desires, Love strong as death, and active patriot fires ; All the rude energy, the fervid flame, Of high-soul'd passion and ingenuous shame : Strong but luxuriant virtues boldly shoot From the wild vigour...
Page 127 - GOD prosper long our noble king, Our lives and safeties all ; A woful hunting once there did In Chevy-Chase befall. To drive the deer with hound and horn Earl Percy took his way ; The child may rue that is unborn The hunting of that day.
Page 281 - E'en this last wretched boon their foes deny, To weep together, or together die. By felon hands, by one relentless stroke, See the fond links of feeling Nature broke ! The ˝bres twisting round a parent's heart, Torn from their grasp, and bleeding as they part.
Page 270 - The fine wrought spirit feels acuter pains ; Where glow exalted sense and taste refin'd, There keener anguish rankles in the mind ; There, feeling is diffus'd through ev'ry part, Thrills in each nerve, and lives in all the heart ; And those whose gen'rous souls each tear would keep From other's eyes, are born themselves to weep.
Page xxvii - ... social life, And from the sacred laws which guard those blessings. Renounce the civilized abodes of man, With kindred brutes one common shelter seek In horrid wilds, and dens, and dreary caves, And with their shaggy tenants share the spoil; Or if the savage hunters miss their prey, From scattered acorns pick a scanty meal ; — Far from the sweet civilities of life ; There let him live, and vaunt his wretched freedom ; While we, obedient to the laws that guard us, Guard them, and live or die,...
Page 284 - Where were th' oppressor's rod, the captive's chaiu ?╗ If, then, thy troubled soul has learn'd to dread The dark unknown thy trembling footsteps tread ; On Him, who made thee what thou art, depend ; He, who withholds the means, accepts the end. Thy mental night thy Saviour will not blame, He died for those who never heard his name.
Page 275 - METHINKS the world seems oddly made, And every thing amiss ;" A dull, complaining atheist said, As stretch'd he lay beneath the shade, And instanced it in this :
Page 278 - Since trifles make the sum of human things, And half our misery from our foibles springs ; Since life's best joys consist in peace and ease, And though but few can serve, yet all may please; O let the ungentle spirit learn from hence, A small unkindness is a great offence. To spread large bounties though we wish in vain, Yet all may shun the guilt of giving pain...

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