The works of Thomas Chalmers, כרך 1

כריכה קדמית
Collins, 1836 - 25 עמודים

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עמוד 168 - ... within five miles, where he is, on a boundless ocean, cannot but appear to persons ignorant of physical astronomy an approach to the miraculous. Yet, the alternatives of life and ' death, wealth and ruin, are daily and hourly staked with perfect confidence on these marvellous computations, which might almost seem to have been devised on purpose to show how closely the extremes of speculative refinement and practical utility can be brought to approximate.
עמוד 175 - But it is a fact, that the soil, notwithstanding, remains the same in quantity, or at least nearly the same, and must have done so, ever since the earth was the receptacle of animal or vegetable life. The soil therefore is augmented from other causes, just as much, at an average, as it is diminished by...
עמוד 179 - Rock, which stands on one side of the harbor's mouth, so nearly right ahead that we had not to alter our course above a point in order to hit the entrance of Rio. This was the first land we had seen for three months, after crossing so many seas, and being set backwards and forwards by innumerable currents and foul winds.
עמוד 393 - All our natural sentiments prompt us to believe that, as perfect virtue is supposed necessarily to appear to the Deity as it does to us, for its own sake and without any further view, the natural and proper object of love and reward, so must vice, of hatred and punishment. That the gods neither resent nor hurt was the general maxim of all the different sects of the ancient philosophy ; and, if by resenting be understood that violent...
עמוד 52 - ... at the first appearance of unjust intention, and which becomes more watchful and more vigorous in proportion to the violence of the attack which it has to dread. What should we think of the providence of Nature, if, when aggression was threatened against the weak and unarmed at a distance from the aid of others, there were instantly and uniformly, by the intervention of some wonder-working power, to rush into the hand of the defenceless a sword, or other weapon of defence ? And yet this would...
עמוד 394 - If we consult our natural sentiments we are apt to fear lest before the holiness of God, vice should appear to be more worthy of punishment, than the weakness and imperfection of human virtue can ever seem to be of reward. Man when about to appear before a Being of infinite perfection, can feel but little confidence in his own merit, or in the imperfect propriety of his own conduct. In the presence of his fellow creatures he may often justly elevate himself, and may often have reason to think highly...
עמוד 179 - I hove to at four in the morning till the day should break, and then bore up; for although it was very hazy, we could see before us a couple of miles or so. About eight o'clock, it became so foggy that I did not like to stand in...
עמוד 395 - Repentance, sorrow, humiliation, contrition at the thought of his past misconduct, are, upon this account, the sentiments which become him, and seem to be the only means which he has left for appeasing that wrath which he knows he has justly provoked. He even distrusts the efficacy of all these, and actually fears lest the wisdom of God should not, like the weakness of man. be prevailed upon to spare the criminal by the most importunate lamentations of the crime.
עמוד 186 - ... never entered. We should take the testimony of each to the worth of that which he does know, and reject the testimony of each to the comparative worthlessness of that which he does not know ; and then the unavoidable inference is that that must be indeed a replete and a gorgeous universe in which we dwell — and still more glorious the Eternal Mind, from whose conception it arose, and whose prolific fiat gave birth to it, in all its vastness and variety.
עמוד 146 - Mind, mind alone, bear witness earth and heaven ! The living fountain, in itself contains Of beauteous and sublime. There hand in hand sit paramount the graces ; There enthroned, celestial Venus with divinest airs Invites the soul to never fading joy.

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