The works of Thomas Moore, Том 12

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Страница 379 - the most astonishing effort of eloquence, argument, and wit united, of which there was any record or tradition." Mr. Fox said, " All that he had ever heard, all that he had ever read, when compared with it, dwindled into nothing, and
Страница 202 - When this is compared with the form in which the same thought is put at present, it will he perceived how much the wit has gained in lightness and effect by the change:— " Mrs. Candour. But sure you would not be quite so severe on those who only report what they hear?
Страница 379 - like vapour before the sun;"—and Mr. Pitt acknowledged " that it surpassed all the eloquence of ancient and modern times, and possessed every thing that genius or art could furnish, to agitate and controul the human mind." There were several other tributes, of a less distinguished kind, of which I find the following account in the Annual Register :—•
Страница 121 - be *' very good, but above the speaker's capacity." Of Julia's speech, " Oh woman, how true should be your judgment, when your resolution is so weak !" he remarks, " On the contrary, it seems to be of little consequence whether any person's judgment be weak or not, who wants resolution to act according to it.
Страница 201 - in the following example, he has been tempted by an antithesis into an inversion of phrase by no means idiomatic. " The plain state of the matter is this—I am an extravagant young fellow who want money to borrow ; you I take to be a prudent old fellow, who have got money to lend.
Страница 261 - Elections of knights of shires have now of late been made by very great outrageous and excessive number of people, dwelling within the same counties, of the -which most part was people of small substance and of no value.
Страница 120 - while virtuous love, with a cherub's hand, shall smooth the brow of upbraiding thought, and pluck the thorn from compunction.» Again ;—« When hearts deserving happiness would unite their fortunes, virtue would crown them with an unfading garland of modest
Страница 377 - marred the impression of his most sublime and glowing displays. In vain did his genius put forth its superb plumage, glittering all over with the hundred eyes of fancy— the gait of the bird was heavy and awkward, and its voice seemed rather to scare than attract. Accordingly, many of those
Страница 42 - And does that thought affect thee too. The thought of Sylvio's death, That he who only breath'd for you, Must yield that faithful breath? Hush'd be that sigh, be dry that tear, Nor let us lose our Heaven here.— Dry be that tear.
Страница 176 - Lady S. The paragraphs, you say, were all inserted. " Spat. They were, madam. " Lady S. Did you circulate the report of Lady Brittle's intrigue with Captain Boastall ? " Spat. Madam, by this Lady Brittle is the talk of half the town ; and in a week will be treated as a demirep. " Lady S. What have you done as to the