The Young Widow: Or, the History of Cornelia Sedley, in a Series of Letters, Volume 3

Front Cover
G., G.J. and J. Robinson, 1789

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Page 287 - Whence, but from heaven, could men unskilled in arts, In several ages born, in several parts, Weave such agreeing truths? or how, or why Should all conspire to cheat us with a lie? Unasked their pains, ungrateful their advice, Starving their gain, and martyrdom their price.
Page 112 - Does not his Servant Nature hear his Voice ? Hear and Obey ? Then what is impious Man That we fhould fear him, when Heav'n owns our Caufe ? That...
Page 80 - And lively chear of vigour born ; The thoughtlefs day, the eafy night, The fpirits- pure, the flumbers light, That fly th
Page 57 - thank my ftars, that the tidings of a tottering mitre have hurried him to the metropolis, that he may watch it as the witch does the drop on the corner of the moon, and лл catch it ere it fall to ground.
Page 170 - So faii'd about the world of her own heart/. Sounded each creek, furvey'd each corner, but That ftill there may remain much terrq incognita Toherfelf?

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