Theism Vs. Atheism: The Internet Debate : Dr. Phil Fernandes Vs. Dr. Michael Martin

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IBD Press, 2000 - Atheism - 114 pages
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12th Century absolute moral absolute moral values absurd accept actual infinite Adolf Grunbaum agnosticism appeal Aquinas Argument from Evil Argument From Nonbelief arguments for atheism assumes atheism is true atheistic world view attempt begs the question Bertrand Russell Bible Big Bang Blaise Pascal brain events cannot Christianity claims compatible concept of God cosmologists created the universe CRITICISMS OF ATHEISM cumulative debate defense deism Deistic dependent Design Argument emergent properties epistemological relativism epistemological skepticism eternal ethical ethical relativism Euthyphro dilemma Evan Fales evangelical Christianity evidence example existence of evil existence of God explanation fallacy of composition Femandes Fernandes points finite Frederick Copleston Free Will Defense God's character God's existence gospel Graham Oppy Grand Rapids Hitler Holocaust However Hugh Ross human decisions human experience human knowledge hypothesis ideal observer theory infinite Mind infinite number infinite set intelligent design J. P. Moreland Kalam Cosmological Argument knowledge by acquaintance l am l argued l believe l have shown l pointed law of thermodynamics lf God ln addition ln fact ln my opening Michael Martin Mind-body dualism misunderstandings moral evil moral law moral Lawgiver Moral Realism moral values Mother Theresa Native Americans natural evil natural laws Nazi Germany needs a cause non-cognitivism Nonbelief nontheistic nothing objective moral omniscient opening statement opening statement l Orthodox Judaism parallel universes Pascal's Wager Paul Davies Peter Railton Phil Fernandes polytheism popped into existence possibility of human possible world prescriptive laws probability estimates problem problem of evil propositional knowledge quantum quantum physics quantum theory Quentin Smith question begging rape rational reason refute reject Richard Boyd say that God Second Statement secular ethics seems slavery Statement l Stephen Hawking subatomic particles suppose Temple University theistic God Theodore Drange theory Therefore Third Statement Thomas Aquinas Thomas Nelson Publishers Thomistic three arguments uncaused uncaused Cause unchanging truths William Lane Craig without God world ensembles world view

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