Theory of structures

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Longmans, Green, 1912 - Structural analysis (Engineering) - 574 pages
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Page 576 - Price 31. 6d. On the STRENGTH of MATERIALS and STRUCTURES : the Strength of Materials as depending on their quality and as ascertained by Testing Apparatus ; the Strength of Structures, as depending on their form and arrangement, and on the materials of which they are composed. By Sir J. ANDERSON, CE &c. Price 3*. (id. INTRODUCTION to the STUDY of ORGANIC CHEMISTRY; the CHEMISTRY of CARBON and its COMPOUNDS.
Page 576 - THEORY OF STRESSES IN GIRDERS AND SIMILAR STRUCTURES; with Practical Observations on the Strength and other Properties of Materials. By BINDON B. STONEY, LL.D., FRS, MICE With 5 Plates and 143 Illust.
Page 95 - The bending moment on any section through a beam is the algebraic sum of the moments of all the forces on the beam on either side of the section about an axis in the plane of the section through its centroid.
Page 81 - Theorem (2). — The sum of the moments of inertia of any plane figure about two perpendicular axes in its plane is equal to the moment of inertia of the figure about an axis perpendicular to its plane passing through the intersection of the other two axes. Or, if...
Page 80 - ... or k is that value of y at which, if the area A were concentrated, the moment of inertia would be the same as that of the actual figure. Two simple theorems are very useful in calculating moments of inertia of plane figures made up of a combination of a number of parts of simple figures such as rectangles and circles. Theorem (1).
Page 9 - Poisson's Ratio. — Direct stress produces a strain in its own direction and an opposite kind of strain in every direction perpendicular to its own. Thus a tie-bar under tensile stress extends longitudinally and contracts laterally. Within the elastic limits the ratio lateral strain longitudinal strain generally denoted by , is a constant for a given material.
Page 95 - Shearing Force. — The resultant vertical force exerted by B on A is then equal to the algebraic sum of the vertical forces on either side of the plane of section X ; the action of A on B is equal and opposite. This total vertical component is the shearing force on the section in question. (3) If the distances of...
Page 121 - F. (2) The algebraic total horizontal force is zero. (3) The total moment of resistance of the horizontal forces across the section is equal to the algebraic sum of the moments of the external forces to either side of the section, /'.#. to the bending moment M.
Page 134 - X (d — /;), and the total moment of resistance is total thrust (or pull) x distance of centre of thrust from reinforcement EXAMPLE i. — A reinforced concrete beam 20 inches deep and 10 inches wide has four bars of steel i inch diameter placed with their axes 2 inches from the lower face of the beam. Find the position of the neutral axis and the moment of resistance exerted by the section when the greatest intensity of compressive stress is 100 Ibs. per square inch. What is then the intensity...
Page 290 - Rankine's rule if one end of the column is fixed and the other end hinged, the length being 30 feet.

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