Therapeutic Key, Or, Practical Guide for the Homoeopathic Treatment of Acute Diseases

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Boericke, 1877 - 312 pages
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Page 90 - Desires light and company; worse in the dark and solitude; awakens with a shrinking look, as if afraid of the first object seen.
Page 182 - Face pale, sunken, hippocratic, cold ; eyes sunken, dull, without luster, and insensible to light ; tongue dry, dark, and tremulous, or sometimes moist and sticky ; coma or sleeplessness, with muttering delirium ; complete torpor of all the vital functions ; Colliquative diarrhoea, brownish, grayish, or bloody, of a cadaverous smell, and involuntary ; great prostration ; wants more air, and to be fanned all the time ; extremities cold, and covered with cold perspiration. Hyoscyamus.— Tongue red,...
Page 75 - ... thirst for very cold drinks ; vomiting of what has been drunk as soon as it becomes warm in the stomach ; painless diarrhoea, discharges watery, greenish or black, decomposed blood ; great sense of weakness and emptiness in the abdomen.
Page 224 - Between the chilly and hot stage, thirst. During the hot stage, dryness of the mouth and lips, with burning; redness of the face...
Page 113 - Attacks mostly in the evening or at night, preceded by thirst and lassitude. Chilliness in the back, chest, and arms, with coldness of the hands, feet, and nose. During the heat, thirst with burning in the hands and feet, and a bruised, tired feeling in the limbs. * Burning heat on top of the head. * Frequent weak, faint spells through the day. * Early morning diarrhoea. Administration. — The medicine should be given immediately after the paroxysm.
Page 99 - Phosphoric ac. — Dreadful pain on top of the head, as though the brain were crushed, after long-continued grief.
Page 147 - Very acute pain and such painful stitches in the heart as to cause him to cry out loudly, with obstruction of respiration.
Page 190 - ... especially around the nose and mouth ; lower part of the sclerotica yellow; eyes inflamed, with redness of the conjunctiva; eyes surrounded with a dark circle and full of tears ; tongue with a thick white or yellow fur, or dry, cracked, and brown, with red edges ; pulse variable. Burning pains in the stomach ; pressure or cramp-like pains in the epigastrium ; vomiting of acid, bilious, or mucous matters ; frequent and violent hiccough ; eyes sensitive to light ; vertigo, or pains in the head...
Page 109 - Worse in a warm room or near a stove ; renewed chilliness from the slightest motion, with heat of the face and hands; sweat, alternating with dryness of the skin.
Page 180 - Dryness of the mouth and throat, with difficulty of swallowing. * Great soreness in the pit of the stomach and abdomen. Constipation, or frequent, foul, bloody, mucous and involuntary stools. White miliary eruption on the chest and abdomen. * Great weakness and sliding down in bed. Arnica.

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