There is Eternal Life for Animals: A Book Based on Bible Scripture

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Pete Publishing, 2002 - 115 من الصفحات
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A book proving through Bible scriptures that God is providing eternal life for animals.I have just finished reading the book and feel that it was well done. May the Lord bless you."Rev. Dr. Jack Van Impe, World-Renowned TheologianJack Van Impe Ministries International, Troy, Michigan"There Is Eternal Life for Animals" focuses on so many Scriptures which plainly deal with and include animals, showing that God does have a plan for animals, and just as Noah was commanded by God to provide for the saving of the animals from the flood, so Christians can expect Christ's much greater redemption to include all the incredibly diverse animals which the Lord has created.Rev. Dr. Peter Hammond, Founder & Director of Frontline Fellowship, Cape Town, South Africa.Table of ContentsChapter 1IntroductionChapter 2God's Relationship With The AnimalsChapter 3How Much Do The Animals Know?Chapter 4Animals In HeavenChapter 5Animals Have Souls And SpiritsChapter 6Restoration, Restitution, And Eternal LifeChapter 7Eye Witnesses Of Animals And Pets In HeavenChapter 8Noah, A Foreshadowing Of JesusChapter 9MisinterpretationsChapter 10Praying For AnimalsChapter 11Personal ExperienceChapter 12Eternal Life For People

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