They Weathered the Storm: The Banks/Baldwin and Allied Families

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Tracing my ancestry was challenging and painful—yet, exciting. I encountered learning experiences at my every turn, and had to climb over many a brick wall during my research. I must say that my persistent, tireless efforts to achieve my goal proved beneficial and rewarding.

This book has been written not only to spark an interest in its reader for family research, but also to document my gratitude for those who struggled and weathered the emotional storms and endured to strengthen and secure our family ties.

Unlike the famous writer Alex Haley, I was unable to link my ancestors to the country of Africa. The trace only led me to the state of Georgia. Our ancestors had many shades of color—from ivory to chestnut, dark brown, and ebony. Hair was all ways from kinky to straight to curly. Eyes ranged from blue to grey and brown. And noses as well as ears showed up little all the way to big. There were high cheekbones on some and round faces on others. Some were tall, some short. I attribute their many features to the Caucasian, Creek, Cherokee, Blackfoot Indian, and the African American bloodline.

I must note that no legal references were uncovered to verify the location from which our ancestors migrated.

Information concerning our surnames—Banks, Walker, Ross, Swift, and Lockett—I leave for the future generation to uncover. I give each of you my blessings, and I assure you your discoveries will be worth the challenge of doing the job.

In this book you will witness my research and view my memory. I hope that as you read it you will learn new aspects of yourself.

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