Thinking Outside the Quadrilateral Parallelogram

Front Cover
Tate Publishing & Enterprises, LLC, Feb 2, 2016 - 258 pages
"Cora...Cora...Coraaaaa!"As usual, I woke sitting bolt upright, heart pounding, breathing like a mad bull, and covered in cold sweat, the echo of Mom's voice ringing in my ears. Pulling my knees up to my chest, I placed my firsts on them and pressed my eye sockets against the thumbs. I could never remember the dream, but the same image was always burned into my mind when I woke up. The sight of my mother the last time I'd seen her.Even with my fists crushed into mine, I couldn't obliterate the sight of her from my mind. Having only just discovered herself to be the Pandora, unwitting guardian of Hope for all of humanity, she had stood next to her soul mate, Prometheus, her husband, who had waited through millennia for the five short days they had spent together after being reunited.She had stood below us with his arms protectively around her and gladly scarified his life and her own to save me and my sisters. Tacitly recommending us to the care of our goddess mothers--Artemis, Selina, and Hecate; she hadn't flinched, called out, or even closed her eyes as the tidal cavern that had safeguarded Pandora's Box collapsed around her.She hadn't called out at all; she had only gazed at us, at me; her eyes had been huge and midnight blue shot with silver spikes. My mother's eye's had been blazing with the last and only thing she had left to give us--hope.

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