Thirteen Satires of Juvenal, Band 1

Macmillan, 1886 - 525 Seiten

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Seite 304 - ... that more than half the disease which embitters the middle and latter part of life is due to avoidable errors in diet...
Seite 404 - Thou hast the ponds that pay thee tribute fish, Fat aged carps that run into thy net, And pikes, now weary their own kind to eat, As loth the second draught or cast to stay, Officiously at first, themselves betray ; Bright eels that emulate them, leap on land, Before the fisher, or into his hand.
Seite 314 - ... nil ergo optabunt homines? si consilium vis, permittes ipsis expendere numinibus quid conveniat nobis rebusque sit utile nostris; nam pro iucundis aptissima quaeque dabunt di. carior est illis homo quam sibi. nos animorum...
Seite 442 - Till grown more frugal in his riper days, He paid some bards with port, and some with praise ; To some a dry rehearsal was assign'd, And others (harder still) he paid in kind.
Seite 360 - Cadiz, who shewed himself a good orator; being to say something to his soldiers, which he was not used to do, he made them a speech to this purpose : " What a shame will it be, you Englishmen, that feed upon good beef and brewess, to let those rascally Spaniards beat you, that eat nothing but oranges and lemons!
Seite 315 - ... orandum est ut sit mens sana in corpore sano. fortem posce animum mortis terrore carentem, qui spatium vitae extremum inter munera ponat naturae, qui ferre queat quoscumque labores, nesciat irasci, cupiat nihil et potiores 360 Herculis aerumnas credat saevosque labores et venere et cenis et pluma Sardanapalli.
Seite 425 - Coepi egomet mecum sic cogitare: 'Hem! nos homunculi indignamur, si quis nostrum interiit aut occisus est, quorum vita brevior esse debet, cum uno loco tot oppidum cadavera proiecta iacent? Visne tu te, Servi, cohibere et meminisse hominem te esse natum?
Seite 298 - Juvénal seront bien forcés de reconnaîtrequ' aucune société, dans ses théories morales, ne s'était encore autant approchée de la perfection. Aucune contestation n'est ici possible, et, si l'on voulait élever quelques doutes, Juvénal lui-même se chargerait de les réfuter. Sans le savoir, il nous a donné des armes pour le combattre, et quand il pense nuire à son temps, il nous permet de lui rendre justice. Ce satirique effronté se trouve être par moments le philosophe le plus rigoureux,...
Seite 318 - ... is little, if at all, required by the individual. It is during the latter third of his career that the softer and lighter foods, such as well-cooked cereals, some light mixed animal and vegetable soups, and also fish, for which teeth are barely necessary, are particularly valuable and appropriate. And the man with imperfect teeth who conforms to nature's demand for a mild, non-stimulating dietary in advanced years will mostly be blessed with a better digestion and sounder health than the man...
Seite 432 - At infelicibus servis movere labra ne in hoc quidem, ut loquantur, licet. Virga murmur omne compescitur, et ne fortuita quidem verberibus excepta sunt, tussis, sternumenta, singultus.

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