Thomas Jefferson: Forerunner to the Restoration

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Horizon Publishers, Jan 1, 1997 - Religion - 96 pages
Thomas Jefferson was 62 when Joseph Smith was born and was President of the United States at that time. He died in 1826, just four years before the Church was Restored. the Lord revealed to Joseph Smith that he established the Constitution of this land by the hands of wise men whom i have raised up... (D&C 101:79-80). More than two centuries have passed since the founding of this nation, and history now allows judgments to be made concerning the identity of those wise men whom the Lord raised up. There can be no doubt that Thomas Jefferson was an important foreunner to the restoration. This interesting book shows many parallels between his beliefs and the views and practices of the Prophet Joseph Smith. It examines and compares their viewpoints on numberous aspects of government, education and religion. Like Jospeh Smith, Jefferson suffered intense and continuing religious persecution. and Thomas Jefferson even predicted the restoration of the Gospel! Thomas Jefferson-Forerunner to the Restoration combines a delightful review of early American history with interseting and instructive gospel insights. You won't be able to put it donw till you've read it from cover to cover.

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