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Xlibris Corporation, Jul 30, 2009 - Philosophy - 75 pages
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When this journey began, I was rather green. I knew that I could write, but I did not trust that the correct words would come. I began to wonder what correct was and who had the questions I had. I started out by talking about the issues I had growing up and moving towards who I am today. I spoke as if I was a freak of nature, hoping that I was not alone. Close friends of mine said that I was not and that I needed to write so that others would open up. We should not have to open up but the spiritual realm is changing. To survive and live up to the potential that the almighty wishes for us we should study ourselves more closely and not be afraid of human judgement. While I took a huge risk on my reputation by writing this book, I still felt I needed to speak and bind with the ones who needed the validation that I did. While I love the prospect of speaking to like minds I respect and wish well to ones who do not agree with me or are not ready to expand their thinking. Sometimes it has more to do with who is around us instead of who we are.I began to doubt myself less when I realized that people existed that had never heard of the Mayan Prophecy of 2012. Perhaps because I wanted to give us something positive to look at I chose to not focus on the gloom of it, but enlighten people to a different way of looking at prophecy. Even though I wrote about the positive, I did not spin flowery tales of the future either. We all have our trials and tribulations, joys and sorrows and that has always been and will be true. I have held tight to the phrase when one door closes another one opens and the saying has went as small as a window opening up too. I suppose I wanted to speak and clear the air by opening a door for some and a window for others. It is all about choice. When I began this book, I was looking for a window and now it has become a door for me. I wanted to converse with people I had no way of meeting or knowing about and I figured that the most respectful way to do so was to write. People who crave the information and adventure that I must can seek me out in words instead of forcing my ways and words on them. While the revelation in manifesting this book was discovered by alternative measures, hypnosis is and can be used by all ready to truly seek and change that, which lies within us. Read on and see what lies ahead for you. Thank you for listening and seeking adventure may God bless you. V.M. Vulgamore

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Valerie Vulgamore Valerie began to write about the mysteries, and weird occurrences in her life hoping others could open up. Her experiences she believes will peak on her birthday, which happens to be on the date of the Mayan Prophecy of Dec.21, 2012. Valerie is married and has two boys. She currently resides in Kansas. She is writing short-story romance novels and free-lance writing. She welcomes the opportunity for you as the reader to tell her what you would like to see her write that others may not dare to attempt.

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