Three Hundred Years of a Norman House: The Barons of Gournay from the 10th to the 13th Century, with Genealogical Miscellanies

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Tinsley brothers, 1867 - 288 стор.

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Сторінка 245 - Nobles and heralds, by your leave, Here lies what once was Matthew Prior, The son of Adam and of Eve : Can Bourbon or Nassau claim higher ? " But, in this case, the old prejudice got the better of the old joke.
Сторінка 237 - Mr. Seacome did his best, and would have been a tolerable historian for a less renowned line — has its points of interest. His detailed account of the fate of Earl James gives particulars which have historical value, and touches of personal interest : — ' 'When his body was taken up,' he tells us, ' and laid in his coffin, there was thrown into it the following lines by an unknown hand : — ' Wit, bounty, courage, all three here in one lie dead — A Stanley's hand, Vere's heart, and Cecill's...
Сторінка 281 - Accordingly there appears no reason to doubt that some will stand convicted in the sight of the Omniscient Judge, for actions which his Moral Law has not forbidden ; and that some may be uncondemned for actions which that law does not allow. The distinction here is the same as that to...
Сторінка 248 - Old Peter Le Neve, the herald, who thought ridicule consisted in not being of an old family, made this epitaph, and it was a good one, for young Craggs, whose father had been a footman, 'Here lies the last who died before the first of his family !' Pray mind, how I string old stories today!
Сторінка 280 - Don't you remember how I used to be in pain when Sir William Temple would look cold and out of humour for three or four days, and I used to suspect a hundred reasons. I have plucked up my spirit since then, faith ; he spoiled a fine gentleman.
Сторінка 282 - Argument, of sufficient and conceited men, who talk much of Right Reason, and mean always their own; and make their private imagination the measure of general Truth. But such language determines all between us, and the Dispute comes to end in three words at last, which it might as well have ended in at first, That he is in the right, and I am in the wrong.
Сторінка 268 - And you, brave COBHAM, to the latest breath, Shall feel your ruling passion strong in death: Such in those moments as in all the past, "Oh, save my Country, Heav'n !
Сторінка 254 - Busse, Bagot, and Green were but raised by King Richard II. And to prove that you were no better than vassals to my hows, MY STAFFORD KNOT remeynetb. still in your parlour ; as a hundred of my poor tenants have in sundry shires of England, and have ever held your land of my hows, untill thateynder of the Duke my grandfather.
Сторінка 116 - Italy; and there at Venice gave His body to that pleasant country's earth, And his pure soul unto his captain Christ, Under whose colours he had fought so long.
Сторінка 236 - Mr. Seacome reasoned according to the spirit of the age. He is speaking of the well-known legend of the Eagle and Child of the Lathams of Latham, whose heiress of line, as everybody knows, carried Latham to the Stanleys : — ' Whoever knows anything of the nature of hawks in general (of which the eagle is principal) must of consequence know with what fury and violence they strike their prey, killing all they stoop to at one stroke, or before they leave it ; and knowing this, must allow it morally...

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