Three Voyages for the Discovery of a Northwest Passage from the Atlantic to the Pacific

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Harper & Bros., 1843 - 243 pages

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Page 290 - up round us, as well as to attend to the drying of the clothes, each man alternately taking this duty for one hour. We then concluded our day with prayers, and, having put on our fur-dresses, lay down to sleep with a degree of comfort, which perhaps few persons would imagine possible under such circumstances; our chief inconvenience
Page 222 - we shall not easily forget, and which commanded its due share of our admiration and esteem. While thus their guest, I have passed an evening not only with comfort, but with extreme gratification; for, with the women working and singing, their husbands quietly mending -their lines,
Page 323 - compass, however, we made a good landfall, the boats behaving well in a sea; and at seven PM landed in the smoothest place we could find under the lee of the island. Everything belonging to us was now completely drenched by the spray and snow ; we had been fifty-six hours without rest, and forty-eight at work
Page 290 - that we were somewhat pinched for room, and therefore obliged to stow rather closer than was quite agreeable. The temperature, while we slept, was usually from 36 to 45, according to the state of the external atmosphere ; but on one or two
Page 138 - between, to repeat his directions ; but he found, on trial, that this precaution was unnecessary, as he could, without difficulty, keep up a conversation with the man at the distant station. The thermometer was at this time —18, the barometer 30.14 inches, and the weather nearly calm, and quite clear and serene. About
Page 191 - now be spread without risk of their touching the snow ; and such a bed is capable of affording not merely comfort, but luxurious repose, in spite of the rigour of the climate. The skins thus used as blankets are made of a large size and bordered, like some of the jackets, with a fringe of long,
Page 190 - next thing to be done is to raise a bank of snow, two and a half feet high, all round the interior of each apartment, except on the side next the door. This bank, which is neatly squared off, forms their beds and fireplace, the former occupying
Page 315 - were performed by water, previous to our entering the ice. As we travelled by far the greater part of our distance on the ice three, and not unfrequently five, times over, we may safely multiply the length of the road by two and a half; so that our whole distance, on a very moderate calculation, amounted to
Page 139 - a degree above the land; which seemed, however, to conceal from us a part of the phenomenon. It was always evident enough that the most attenuated light of the Aurora sensibly dimmed the stars, like a thin veil drawn over them. We frequently listened for any sound proceeding from this phenomenon, but never heard any. Our

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