Time Well Wasted: The Story of 1st Platoon, 10th MP Co. in Somalia

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In the autumn of 1992, while away on a training mission, the men of 1st Platoon, 10th MP Company learned that they were first in line to be deployed to Somalia, Africa as a part of Operation Restore Hope. Before there ever was a Blackhawk Down, there was Time Well Wasted: The Story of 1st Platoon, 10th MP Company in Somalia, a nonfiction account of the lives of the men in 1st Platoon, on the ground in Somalia. Strung out and worn down from multiple deployments, the men of 1st Platoon find themselves shipping out for a real world mission. Violently thrust into a theater of operations, thousands of miles from home, after driving out of the back of a low flying troop transport, the platoon quickly discovers it is business as usual, left to fend for themselves in a country without hope, and on a mission without a purpose. They are forced to adapt to substandard living conditions, contending with disease, khat addicted and heavily armed militiamen, stone throwing children, African wildlife and in the end their own chain of command. The authors of this work have a combined total of almost thirty years of service in the United States Army to include tours of duty in Korea, Egypt, Honduras and various other duty assignments in the Continental United States.

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