Time's telescope; or, A Complete guide to the almanack [ed. by J. Millard].

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John Millard (assistant librarian of the Surrey inst)

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Strona 82 - TO THE EVENING STAR Star that bringest home the bee, And sett'st the weary labourer free ! If any star shed peace, 'tis Thou That send'st it from above, Appearing when Heaven's breath and brow Are sweet as hers we love. Come to the luxuriant skies, Whilst the landscape's odours rise, Whilst far-off lowing herds are heard And songs when toil is done, From cottages whose smoke unstirr'd Curls yellow in the sun.
Strona 76 - This, together with my known sentiments on that subject, having produced a coolness between me and my immediate kindred, I proceeded on my travels, and passed through different countries chiefly within, but some beyond, the bounds of Hindoostan, with a feeling of great aversion to the establishment of the British power in India.
Strona 8 - And God said, Let there be light: and there was light. And God saw the light, that it was good : and God divided the light from the darkness. And God called the light Day, and the darkness he called Night. And the evening and the morning were the first day.
Strona 58 - The True History of the State Prisoner, commonly called the Iron Mask...
Strona 21 - ... occupied by a boundless abyss of luminous matter : still we ask, how space came to be thus occupied, how matter came to be thus luminous? If we establish by physical proofs, that the first fact which can be traced in the history of the world, is that "there was light;" we shall still be led, even by our natural reason, to suppose that before this could occur, " God said, let there be light.
Strona 26 - Can man conceive beyond what God can do ? Nothing but quite impossible is hard. He summons into being, with like ease, A whole creation, and a single grain. Speaks he the word ? a thousand worlds are born ! A thousand worlds ? there's space for millions more ; And in what space can his great fiat fail ? Condemn me not, cold critic, but indulge The warm imagination : why condemn ? Why not indulge such thoughts as swell our hearts With fuller admiration of...
Strona 52 - Ingens macula in sole conspiciebatur, cujus diameter •£$ diam solis." ground is finely mottled with an appearance of minute, dark dots, or pores, which, when attentively watched, are found to be in a constant state of change. There is nothing which represents so faithfully this appearance as the slow subsidence of some flocculent chemical precipitates in a transparent fluid, when viewed perpendicularly from above...
Strona 76 - I enjoyed the confidence of several of them even in their public capacity. My continued controversies with the Brahmins on the subject of their idolatry and superstition, and my interference with their custom of burning widows and other pernicious practices, revived and increased their animosity against me ; and through their influence with my family, niy father was again obliged to withdraw his countenance openly, though his limited pecuniary support was still continued to me.
Strona 5 - Who bid brute matter's restive lump assume Such various forms, and gave it wings to fly ? Has matter innate motion ? then each atom, Asserting its indisputable right To dance, would form...
Strona 12 - O smile not ! nor think it a worthless thing, If it be with instruction fraught ; That which will closest and longest cling, Is alone worth a serious thought...

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