To Touch a Butterfly

Front Cover
The true story of a life changed one bright March morning with the abuse and rape of a five year old girl's body and soul and subsequently how she sought solace within the love of an imaginary friendship and found the courage to heal. A haunting, but uplifting tale of damage, the ultimate betrayal of a family member and survival of the human spirit. The story follows Rachels' life from the age of five, through teenage years, up to the death of her abuser. Concentrating initailly on the relationship with her imaginary friend and how he enabled her to cope by transporting her mind from the room to a wonderful adventure where she was safe. Leading to the end of their friendship; her first true love and she was able to, remarkably, move on and create a life after years of cruel and gruesome emotional and sexual abuse. A survivor's story that proves that victim's don't have to just survive, they can thrive.

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