Together Forever

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Trafford Publishing, Nov 13, 2012 - Biography & Autobiography - 110 pages
The United States was a great nation in the 1920s. We had finished winning the great war to end all wars in 1918. England and France wrote the surrender papers for Germany to sign. Sorry to say, but the restriction placed on Germany was more than any nation could live with. But Germany was under the thumb of England and France. I think this is what started World War II. I know it was. In 1929 the world went into the Depression years, lasting till World War II started in Europe. In 1939 war started again in Europe between France, England, and Germany when Germany invaded Poland. The United States, with its large manufacturing ability and can-do attitude, was able to come out of the Depression by supplying Europe with arms and other things. President Franklin D. Roosevelt started the WPA, PWA, the CCC, and other federal programs to kick-start the economy before the war in Europe. I grew up during the Depression years, having been born in 1924. We were poor like everyone else, but I did not realize we were poor because everyone else was in the same condition. One news reporter wrote a book and called us the greatest generation. History proved that as we grew, we became the most powerful nation in the world. Today as I write this, I can say we may not be the greatest. We could be if we open our eyes and change things back like they were before, a small group that thinks the government is the answer to all problems. Then too we must think we are responsible for ourselves. I hope the generation that follows my generation will wake up and do something about the sad shape we are in. This book tells a little about what I did as a member of the greatest generation and World War II. One of the greatest love stories was started and, like all good things, ended in disappointment due to nature.

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