Tourism and Political Boundaries

Routledge, 2001 - 219 sivua
More people are travelling now than ever before, and few places exist in the world that have not been penetrated by tourism. Every year millions of people travel across political boundaries seeking encounters with cultural and natural environments different than their own. Borders not only define the differences between the origins and destinations of tourists, but also fashion travellers' impressions of place and leisure experiences.
Based on a wealth of empirical examples from around the world and concepts borrowed from a wide range of disciplines, Tourism and Political Boundaries provides an accessible, comprehensive glimpse into the relationship between tourism and borders.
This book provides innovative information for scholars who are interested in globalisation processes, particularly within the context of tourism. The political, economic, spatial and psychological implications of the boundary-tourism nexus will be of interest to students and researchers from a variety of intellectual backgrounds.

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Dallen J. Timothy is Assistant Professor at Arizona State University, USA.

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