Trading in Knowledge: Development Perspectives on TRIPS, Trade and Sustainability

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Christophe Bellmann, Ricardo Melendez-Ortiz
Routledge, 2013. gada 17. jūn. - 358 lappuses
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An unprecedented surge in the scope and level of intellectual property rights (IPR) protection has been engulfing the world. This globalizing trend has shifted the balance of interests between private innovators and society at large and tensions have flared around key public policy concerns. As developing nations' policy options to use IPRs in support of their broader development strategy are being rapidly narrowed down, many experts are questioning the one-size-fits-all approach to IPR protection and are backing a rebalancing of the global regime. Developing countries face huge challenges when designing and implementing IPR-policy on all levels. This book offers perspectives from a diverse range of developing country participants including civil society participants, farmers, grassroots organizations, researchers and government officials. Contributions from well-known developed country authorities round out the selections.

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List of Tables and Boxes
TRIPS and Development
lessons from
Integrating IPR policies in development strategies John Barton
TRIPS and the International System on Genetic Resources
The WIPO Agenda
Indigenous knowledge and its protection in India Suman Sahai
the Colombian experience
Peoples Biodiversity
Requiring the disclosure of the origin of genetic resources
Regional Initiatives
The African Union Model Law for the Protection of the Rights
The Andean Community regimes on access to geneticresources intellectual property and indigenous peoples knowledge Manuel Ruiz

Plant Variety Protection and Patents on Life Forms
The Revised Bangui Agreement and plant variety protection
The world of biotechnology patents
The implications property
TRIPS and Public Health
IPRs and the Protection of Traditional Knowledge
National Legislative Reforms
Kenyas legislative reforms James
Annex1 Agreement on Traderelated Aspects of Intellectual Property
Annex2 The Convention on Biological Diversity Extracts
Annex3 International Treaty on Plant Genetic Resources for Food
Annex4 Participants at the Regional Multistakeholder Dialogues

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