Transactions, Volume 1

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Page 5 - The True History of the Church of Scotland from the Beginning of the Reformation unto the End of the Reign of King James VI.
Page 104 - M'Donald, prisoners within the Tolbooth of Perth, and indicted and tried at this court, are, by...
Page 12 - This place being now only a village, where most part farmers dwell, the whole streets are filled with dunghills, which are exceedingly noisome, and ready to infect the air, especially at this season, (September,) when the herring gutts are exposed in them...
Page 5 - A large Declaration Concerning The Late Tumults in Scotland, From Their first originalls: Together With A Particular Deduction Of the seditious Practices of the prime Leaders of the Covenanters: Collected Out Of Their owne foule Acts and Writings: By which it doth plainly appeare, that Religion was onely pretended by those Leaders, but nothing lesse intended by them.
Page 6 - A True Account of the Proceedings at Perth; THE DEBATES IN THE SECRET COUNCIL THERE; with the Reasons and Causes of the suddain finishing and breaking up of the Rebellion.
Page 43 - There was over against the great altar a piece of painting representing the twenty-four miracles of St. Colme, and overhead of this two statues of that saint...
Page 43 - • procured many priests vestments of silk, and a deal of silver work, such as six candlesticks. one cup, two phials, three flaggons, a box for the chrism, a cross, in which there is a part of our Lord's cross, a vessel for holding the eucharist of considerable weight, and another for the holy water, two instruments for sprinkling the holy water, and two incense censors.
Page 85 - Ruthven was speaking with his Majesty ; and shortly after the deponent's coming to the king, his Highness rode apart, and spake with this deponent, saying, ye cannot guess, man, what errand I am riding for ; I am going to get a pose in...
Page 6 - State papers and letters addressed to William Carstares, confidential secretary to king William during the whole of his reign...
Page 3 - Inquest," or the verdict of an " Assize," which originate in certain writs issuing from Chancery, and which are ultimately transmitted or " retoured

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