Transactions of the American Philosophical Society, Zväzok 49,Časť 1

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American Philosophical Society, 1959
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Strana 5 - The South African Republic will conclude no treaty or engagement with any State or nation other than the Orange Free State, nor with any native tribe to the eastward or westward of the Republic, until the same has been approved by her Majesty the Queen.
Strana 10 - Transvaal. Might it not come off just at the critical time if it is postponed now? The longer it is delayed the more chance there is of foreign intervention. It seems to me that either it should come at once or be postponed for a year or two at least.
Strana 9 - As to English flag they must very much misunderstand me at home. I of course would not risk everything as I am doing excepting for British flag.
Strana 1 - Barry B. Hughes, The Domestic Context of American Foreign Policy (San Francisco: WH Freeman & Co., 1978).
Strana 10 - Commission — then make enquiry and then? Suppose they decide that the line to the Essequibo is Venezuelan, will they tell us to evacuate, and declare war if we do not? As long as the Venezuelans do not attack us we shall not attack them. Altogether it must be months before there is a real crisis. Now as to the Transvaal, might it not come off just at the critical time if it is postponed now?
Strana 10 - I hear from you, as, when you directed it to be sent, you had not seen President Cleveland's message. Perhaps as we shall have to face German opposition you may wish the Uitlander movement to be postponed for a year or so. Fairfield thinks he could get this done through Maguire . . . but if the movement is to be postponed it must be done at once.
Strana 9 - I hear if Jameson comes in he is going to hoist the Union Jack. I have induced every man who has joined me and who is helping me in this business to go in on the basis that we want a reformed republic.
Strana 8 - V. Kublcek, Economic Imperialism in Theory and Practice. The Case of South African Gold Mining Finance 1886-1914. (Duke University Center for Commonwealth and Comparative Studies, No. 45.) Durham. Duke University Press 1979. XII. 239 S., 12.75 f.
Strana 19 - Jr., LL.D. Augusta. 1894. 8vo. pp. 20. Year Book of the Society Sons of the Revolution in the State of California. Los Angeles. 1894. 8vo. pp. 48. The Constitution of the Aztec Club of 1847, and the List of Members 1893. Washington. 1893. 8vo. pp. 43. The First Annual Meeting of Gov. Thomas Dudley Family Association. Boston. 1894. 8vo. pp. 77. Register of the Pennsylvania Society of Sons of the Revolution. Philadelphia. 1893. 8vo. pp. 224. James Birchens Francis. A Memoir. 1894. 8vo. pp. 9. Book...
Strana 15 - Nations, the blessings of government based upon the consent of the governed, entertain with confidence the pleasing hope and belief that the principles of self-government will be securely established through the influence of the Republic of France, in her colonies, and of the Republics of Liberia and the Transvaal, founded by the people in Africa; and that those Republics will foster and give firm support to the peaceful progress of Christian civilization in the new and vast field now being opened...

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