Transactions of the ... International Sanitary Conference of the American Republics

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Published and distributed under the auspices of the International Bureau of the American Republics, 1909 - Public health

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Page 207 - ... store, cafe, lunch-room, or other place is in operation at the time of the promulgation of this regulation, shall, on or before July 1, 1907, register his full name, and the location of said store, market, cafe, lunch-room, or other place, and the nature of the business transacted, in a book...
Page 207 - Columbia, where a food, or a beverage, or confectionery, or any similar article, is manufactured or prepared for sale, stored for sale, offered for sale, or sold, shall cause it to be screened effectually, or effectually protected by power-driven fan or fans...
Page 127 - Coaches intended for the transportation of passengers and mails should not be retained at frontiers. In order to avoid this retention a system of relays ought to be established at frontiers, with transfer of passengers, baggage and mails. If one of these carriages be infected or shall have been occupied by a person suffering from plague, cholera or yellow fever, it shall be detached from the train for disinfection at the earliest possible moment.
Page 207 - ... or other place, with running water, or other proper water supply if running water be not available, and with facilities and material for the proper washing, and shall cause such washing to be done, of the hands of all persons employed therein, and for the proper cleansing, and shall cause such...
Page 120 - The area where the disease has appeared. 2. The date of its appearance, its origin, and its form. 3. The probable source or country from which introduced and manner of introduction.
Page 54 - It is further resolved that it shall be the duty of the International Sanitary Bureau to lend its best aid and experience toward the widest possible protection of the public health of each of the said republics in order that disease may be eliminated, and that commerce between said republics may be facilitated.
Page 207 - No vendor or distributor of foods or beverages for immediate consumption on or about the place of business of such vendor or distributor shall permit any cup, glass, spoon, or fork that has been used for, or in connection with the consumption of any such food or beverage, to be used again for the same purpose until after it has been thoroughly washed in clean water. Any person violating any of...
Page 117 - Bureau to urge each Republic to promptly and regularly transmit to said bureau all data of every character relative to the sanitary conditions of their respective ports and territories.
Page 121 - ... supervening in its territory. It cannot then be too strongly recommended to the various governments to make obligatory the declaration of cases of plague, cholera or yellow fever, and of giving information of all unusual mortality of rats and mice especially in ports. ARTICLE VI. It is understood that neighboring countries reserve to themselves the right to make special arrangements with a view of organizing a service of direct information between the chiefs of administration upon the frontiers.
Page 114 - ... which the resolutions adopted in the three previous conventions have been put into practice, in their respective countries. 3. Reports in regard to sanitary conditions in ports, and measures proposed for the improvement of such sanitary conditions (with special reference to the principal ports); 4. Reports relating to the registration of the movement of population and the rate of mortality in each country, specifying those of ports and principal cities. 5. Sanitation of cities and especially...

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